Twitter Marketing for Dummies is a Smart Read

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I wouldn’t consider myself a “dummy” when it comes to Twitter.  But I will tell you that Kyle Lacy certainly taught me a thing or three about marketing via Twitter that I didn’t know.

What I Learned from Twitter Marketing for Dummies

Twitter Marketing for Dummies is LOADED with practical how-tos that you can do in one sitting.  Here is an example from the section titled: Asking How You Can Help Your Followers from the “Leveraging Your Twitter Tribe” Chapter:

  1. Create a list of top 10 to 25 users who are following you and whom you are following
  2. Look at each users profile and tweets and try to find a tip to help his or her strategy
  3. Direct message those 10 to 25 users to make contact with them (one note here from me– Direct Messaging has been full of spam lately and I’ve heard of people literally ignoring their DMs.  So I’d also recommend sending a “reply” message such as @strategystew “Have you tried to find local followers?”)
  4. If they reply with thanks, ask how you can help them.
  5. Do what they say

One of THE Most Comprehensive How To Collections of Practical Twitter How-Tos

Kyle Lacy has truly thought of every detail for this book.  I’ve seen dozens of “”Twitter Tips articles, but this is one of the most useful collections of tips and resources I’ve seen.

I think the reason that Twitter Marketing for Dummies is so complete is because Kyle Lacy is a real user.  Kyle has been on the forefront of the social media trend.  His blog has been featured on the Wall Street Journal’s web site and Read Write Web’s daily blog journal.  He was also voted the top Generation Y marketing blog on the Internet by, as well as ranked in the top 150 social media blogs in the world.

I’ve been following him for several years and the tips you’re getting from his book are based on real life experiences, successes and failures.  The good news is that you get to benefit from all his hard work.  This is another book you’ll never want far from reach.

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