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Since this article was originally posted, OneCoach is no longer in business.

Because DIY Marketers is here to be your “Consumer Reports” of marketing, I’m always looking at tools, programs and systems that will cut the trial-and-error out of your process – and save you money too.

I’ve been participating in the OneCoach program over the last several months and I have recommended it whole-heartedly to anyone who is struggling with growing their business — EXPONENTIALLY.    A few weeks ago, I received these BEAUTIFUL workbooks and DVD’s in the mail.

I’ve been taking the program online — but having the materials is a completely different experience altogether.

This program no longer exists — but the template I cover in the section below is EXCELLENT!

Sample 60-Seconed Elevator Pitch

I can tell you that I’ve seen countless outlines for elevator pitches and this is one of my favorites.

  1. We (or I) work with... in this section DESCRIBE your ideal customer.  ”Time strapped small business CEOs looking for Cliff’s Notes practical low-cost marketing strategies.”
  2. Who struggle with… This is where you want to put in THE ONE biggest, most emotional frustration that your ideal customer has around what you’re selling. ” Who struggle with the fact that their marketing department consists of a staff of “me, myself and I”
  3. And would like to… Here is where you put what your customer WANTS — you know emotionally wants — not some pablum – something that would make their heart sing.  Here’s mine “Who wants to come to a place where it’s all spoon fed, nice and easy to do in a day for less than $1000″
  4. What makes my…Different From…. I’ve combined these although the OnceCoach people have them separated.  This is the place where you categorize your business.  What are you selling that people are buying?  Are you a daycare? Drycleaner? Valve Manufacturer? Web site?  Put yourself in a category because that’s what your ideal customer does.
  5. Is that we (or I)… This is where your differentiator – competitive advantage – or USP goes.  What sets you apart from every other alternative.  Why will your ideal customer choose you regardless of price?
  6. As a result, my clients receive…. What benefit do your customers get from your experience?  Will they save money, save time, what?

Just so that you can see that I put my money where my mouth is — here is my draft Elevator Pitch for using this outline:

DIYMarketers is for:

-       Time strapped small biz CEOs looking for a cliffs notes of practical, low cost marketing strategies.

Who struggle with

-       the fact that their marketing department consists of a staff of “me, myself and I”.  There are just too many options that all promise wonders and cost a fortune.

And would like to:

-       Come to one place where the information is literally spoon-fed, easy to understand and implement in a day.

What makes DIYMarketers different from the other marketing-focused websites like Marketing Sherpa or Marketing Profs is that we –

-       We distill the information that’s out there into small , doable bits and projects that are organized by the specific situation you’re in and NOT some marketing category.

As a result –

-       You get to create a marketing strategy and program that is an authentic expression of who YOU are and who you want to serve.

-       You will have fun making money and attracting only your ideal client


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