Be Generous – Give Eye Rests to Your Readers

Posted on by Ivana S. Taylor

This is a contribution from Mike Sansone the author of Converstations.  

You both have a challenge, you and your audience: Time.

Neither of you have a lot of time to spare. It’s up to you to take the lead, because if you don’t, they’ll take the exit.

You can say everything you need to using multiple posts, articles, videos. Deliver your message into digestible pieces. By doing so, not only will your message be better read, it stands a chance of getting spread. You’ll also be creating what I refer to as “page depth” – more unique pages on the web – which improves your findability. Effective. Efficient.

While it’s tempting to throw all you know about a subject into a single blog post or video — don’t. But if you must be long-winded, do so with the reader in mind. Be generous with gifts – “Eye Rests” for the reader.

Eye Rests can help slow the scrolling, skimming reader down a bit – maybe enough to get something out of your work. Here are a few possible Eye Rests you can employ:

There are “best practices” you can use to write a blog post in an hour or less, especially if you use a blog post template. By doing so, you’ll be able to consistently deliver readable, shareable content every time. And save time. Yours and theirs.

About the Author: 

Mike Sansone is the author of ConverStations – Social Media as Conversation Stations. He works with small business leaders, entrepreneurs and educators in using social media and content marketing to connect with their intended audience. He lives in the Midwest with his wife, Angela.

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  • MikeSansone

    Thanks for posting this, Ivana.  Busy business owners benefit (they don’t spend so much time crafting long posts). Busy readers benefit (we’re all skimmers and scanners, right?)

    Those 3,000 word posts might still have value – they could be sold as .99 Kindle singles!

    • Jeff Korhan

      And thank you Mike for the mention of my blog post template article.