What Your Conversion Rate Says About (How Bad) Your Website May Be

Posted on by Ivana S. Taylor

We all know how important traffic is, but what happens when you have a large amount of traffic and your sales just seem to be stuck. There are two possible explanations: one, the traffic isn’t very targeted to your offer, or two, your website isn’t very good. It’s important to address both of these issues, if necessary. Getting the right traffic to a website that converts is the key to success online.

Addressing the Targeted Traffic Issue

Maybe your website isn’t the issue, but the traffic you get is. If this is the case, the help of a company specializing in Internet marketing, such as MediaWhiz, might be a wise investment. Sometimes it can be very challenging to create highly targeted traffic and you might struggle to find the necessary time to address this issue. If this is the case, trust your marketing to a professional.

The difference between just traffic and targeted traffic is night and day. Traffic is great, but if you run a site about weight loss for pregnant women and your marketing produces visitors just for weight loss, a large portion of your traffic is just wasted money. People looking for weight loss include men and women of all ages and times in their life. If a man or a non-pregnant woman lands on a website about weight loss for pregnant women, they won’t stay very long.

You need traffic targeted specifically to whatever you offer on your site. This means using the right types of marketing to put your message in front of the right audience. The help of a professional marketing company can solve this issue for you.

Dealing with a Bad Website 

If the traffic you get includes mainly your target market, the problem is your website. Testing is a big part of figuring out if you have a good or bad website. Many companies test new landing pages every day and they are constantly looking for what little change they can make to create a better conversion rate.

You may be sending traffic to a website that’s not user friendly. If it’s difficult for visitors to find what they are looking for or you don’t offer good information, you need to make changes to your site. Even just a small change can make a huge difference in how easy your site is to navigate or how aesthetically pleasing your site is.

Maybe you’ve designed a website that doesn’t fit your target market. For example, if your target marketing is women between the ages of 28 and 35, it doesn’t make sense to use graphics that appeal to men. Tapping into the type of person fitting your customer profile will help with the design of a website your target audience will love. Here are a few ways to improve the look and usability of your website.

Add Pictures – Pictures of products are very powerful!

Offer multiple payment options – If your site sells products or services online, make sure you offer more than just one way to pay.

Provide good advice/information – Adding a blog and providing useful information can create repeat visitors.

Don’t overload visitors with too much information – Landing pages and product pages should be direct and to the point. Too much information can lower conversion rates.

Improve navigation – Making your site easy to navigate can make a huge difference in conversions.

Ask for opinions from your target market – Give your URL to some of your friends that fit your target audience and ask them to test the site. Their opinions can lead to many necessary site changes.

Putting it All Together

Once you know the traffic coming to your site will convert and your site is set up to increase conversions, you need to track everything. This is the key to increasing your conversions. If you pair tracking with split-testing different landing pages, you can figure out what converts at the highest percentage. This can lead to more sales, larger profits and repeat customers.

This is a large job and many individuals and small businesses don’t have the time or skills to handle marketing, web design, tracking and split testing. Hiring an expert to help you with these tasks is an investment in your website’s future. If you don’t have the time or skills, consider hiring a company specializing in internet marketing.



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