Individual Marketing Campaigns Vs. Corporate Marketing Campaigns

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In many ways, an individually run marketing campaign is more streamlined than a large company’s marketing efforts. In larger companies, there are inter-departmental issues ranging from poor communication to slow ad optimization. When you’re running your own marketing campaign, you only have to rely on yourself and your ability to effectively manage time and ad optimization. Not only is running your own marketing campaign less expensive, the Internet has made it easier than ever.  

Conducting Market Research

The benefit of working in a large company with an in-house marketing department is that tasks, such as market research, are delegated to a group capable of delivering fast results. Unfortunately, for the individual, this necessary first step is going to take more time because there’s less man power. Conducting marketing research should begin online, using a variety of free resources that offer insights and trends. Gwen Moran, author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Business Plans, offers eight free market research tools in her article, Free Market-Research Tools – A Sampler.

Designs, Graphics, Creative, and Copy

If you’re a sales person, it’s highly unlikely you’ve spent a lot of time learning graphic design or how to write compelling copy. In a large company, creative can be outsourced or they may have an in-house team. You’re on your own. In this instance, it would be smart to look at your competitor’s copy and see if you’re inspired by what they’re writing. Another option is to seek out qualified freelancers to do your artwork and copywriting. The quality of your freelancers is going to depend on how much you’re willing to spend. If you have to outsource, be sure to delegate a large amount of your budget to ensure your creative people are capable of delivering above average results.

Scheduling and Campaign Implementation

Compared to large businesses, an individual marketer is going to have an easier time scheduling and implementing the campaign. You don’t have to communicate with other departments in order to work out a schedule that suits everyone’s individual needs. You simply need to build your own schedule and implement the campaign when you believe it’s ready.

Performance Measurement

Performance measurement, or metrics, is used by marketers to analyze the marketing campaign and determine its effectiveness. In terms of performance measurement, an individual marketer has a far easier time than a large company. In larger companies, it’s going to take longer for departments to communicate with one another and make fast on-the-go ad changes, in order to fully optimize the campaign. As the sole marketer, you’ll be able to quickly make performance enhancing decisions.

Your only real issue is technical support. In large companies, there’s usually an IT department to quickly tackle computing issues. Unfortunately, if your ad performance isn’t up to par, due to technical issues, you’ll be stuck trying to solve the issue on your own because you don’t have an IT department to consult. You may want to consider remote IT support software. For a one-time flat fee, you’ll have solid support for your remote customers, as well as other computer/Internet technical challenges you may face.

Making Adjustments

The biggest advantage to being a sole marketer is how quickly changes can be made. If you determine, during performance measurement, that a change is needed, you don’t need to confer with anyone else to make that change. You simply make it and then go back to the metrics to determine if the change is effective or not. At the end of the campaign, you’ll want to consider everything you learned and apply it to your next campaign.

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  • Sarah Miller

    There really a differences between individual and corporate marketing campaign. But even when the two has there differences, lots still succeeded whether in individual or corporate businesses. I still believe that product and strategy of making such campaigns are part of the success. Thank you Ivana.

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    I think one of the biggest benefits of working as a team is
    the shared knowledge and experience you gather from a variety of
    professionals. This shared knowledge can
    also slow a project down but overall I think it helps to have a variety of
    people collaborating.