Vine Turns 1 And Users Catch On With a Vengence

Posted on by Ivana S. Taylor

On January 24, 2013, Vine made its appearance.  An offspring of Twitter, Vine allowed users to create crazy short 6 second video loops.  Here is one of the very first Vine videos:
This particular video uses a key Vine feature that makes it possible to create truly complete videos in just 6 seconds.

Vine is Old Technology in a New Way

Like it’s Twitter parent, Vine has tapped in and turned on a primitive human need to watch something develop — to play creatively with limitations and to communicate in shorter and shorter bursts. The technology itself isn’t really new — it’s really nothing more than taking a series of pictures very close together or creating a GIF image.  What takes Vine above an beyond is its ability to generate fun, engaging and creative video that’s social.

In a world where we want more info in less bandwidth – Vine is becoming as big as Twitter and Facebook

It’s no secret that we want to stuff more information into less time and Vine meets that need.  They call it “short-form” video and it’s about to go mainstream.  In other words, get ready to start designing and engineering your content.  In the same way that it can take a couple of minutes to craft a great tweet, you can be spending at least and hour crafting a 6-second vine video. I really recommend your getting on this Vine train because it takes some time to figure it out and learn how to use the tool.  Once you’re clear on the features, you’ll start making short, simple videos, you’ll realize that it requires some time to structure yourself and your content to get the real message out.  This takes a little practice. Here is a series of videos I’ve created over the last month or so.  I’ve had the Vine app since it came on the market, but didn’t really start getting into it until now. This is my first Vine — where I did nothing but explore the push to snap short blips of video — very primitive.

Next, I evolved into summarizing a long evening into the space of six seconds — this is a Vine of my husband’s birthday dinner. Again – NOT exciting, just playing with it.

Finally, I started modeling some of the vine videos I’ve seen on the web and created a business-oriented one. I’ve been thinking about converting all my DIYMarketers Tips into little Vines — and this is what that looks like:


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