In 2012, I resolved to make my impact in social media, and grew my Facebook fan page from a few dozen ?likes? to well over 12,000, a number that grows every day. With this digital success under my belt, I’m ready to tackle 2013 with an even more ambitious set of resolutions, ones that will really address the company’s future prosperity.Man analysing website structure schema on the whiteboard

1) The smartest thing any company doing business online can do right now is assess the functionality of their sites across platforms. Like us, you may do 100% of your business on the Internet, but how much of that business is conducted via smartphone or tablet? If your sites function perfectly on your customers? mobile devices, that number is likely at least 15%. Without mobile functionality, that 15% equals the business you’re losing. In 2013, more users will be accessing the Internet on their phones than on traditional computers.

Ask your associates to visit your site and make a transaction using their various devices. If it doesn’t work, fix it!

2) Sometimes you can do all the right things, but, when Google issues its next adorable animal update, those things turn out to be all wrong. We’re going to Google-proof our reputation with content marketing. We’ve been creating great, relevant content, based on our customers? interests and needs, for years, but to get the most mileage out of that content, we need to share that content. Uploading it to WordPress, linking it back to our relevant pages, and adding it to Facebook are no longer enough!

If your articles aren?t being reposted, start actively marketing them. Develop partnerships with those who want to host your work (with links leading back to your main site) to add relevancy to your content.

3) Web users love images, search engines are getting better at recognizing images, and users are finding ways to communicate using only images, as we can see in the rise of apps like SnapChat and sites like Pinterest. My business is graphics based, and it doesn’t make sense for me not to have a strong presence on Pinterest.

Keep building your brand, creating new fans, and presenting your product in the most flattering way possible. Whatever you’re selling, there’s a smart place for you online. Figure out where your audience is and put on a show.