Google got the month of November off to an interesting start by finally launching its much anticipated Google+ Pages, which are exclusively designed for business, brands, and other professionals. Many have been waiting on this feature for months, and now that it has finally arrived, observers are expecting business to pick up for the trendy social network. In this article, we will focus on the opportunities Google+? Pages present the marketer.

Maximum Utilization of Circles

From day one, Circles has been one of Google+?s most exciting features. However, its potential was always limited due to the fact that Google urged brands to hold off on using it as a marketing tool. Now that the new pages are here, marketers can finally use Circles to its full potential. According to the terms and conditions, Google+ Pages cannot be directly used to promote offers, coupons, contests, sweepstakes, or promotions of any sort. Be that as it may, there is nothing stopping you from directing the people in your circles to the promotional content on your website, blog, or even your Facebook page.

Direct Connection Through Google Search

As we all know, Google maintains one of the world?s most powerful search engines. In fact, it is the most popular internet search tool by far. Thanks to the new pages, brands can tap into this power and take advantage. By adding the ?+? sign before their search query, Google searchers can go straight to a business? page on Google+. This capability appears to have far more potential than Facebook?s channel search feature, which never really caught on with users. Connecting your website to your Google+ page is as simple as embedding a small snippet of code to the HTML section of your web page.

Greater SEO Value

From the looks of it, the biggest opportunities Google+ Pages offer marketers just may lie in SEO. An article published by Search Engine Land back in July reported that once launched, these pages would be able to be followed, indexed, and endorsed with a click of the +1 button. This report was recently confirmed by Dennis Troper, Product Management Director at Google. If you are missing the boat here, take it from us when we say that this is huge news. Not only does it mean that your page can come up in searches conducted within Google+, but also the searches conducted from the conventional engine within Google Search.

Possible Drawbacks

Google+ Pages certainly appear to have plenty to offer, but there could also be some disadvantages that come along with this new addition. After reading the terms and conditions, some are left wondering if creating a presence on the platform is worth the trouble. Among other things, Google is preventing marketers from using the platform for offers and contests. You are allowed to link to third-party sites, but not run such promotions on Google+. This factor and others should be taken under advisement before making a full commitment to the new pages.

About the Author: Aidan Hijleh is a freelance copywriter and serves as the Non-Profit Partnership Liaison for Benchmark Email. Aidan advocatesfree email marketingservices to assist with the flourishing of grassroots organizations.