If you are responsible for the development and maintenance of your e-commerce website then this post might be of use to you. I’m going to highlight the most important things you need to be aware of in order to have a successful e-commerce website that provides a user-friendly experience to prospects and customers and ultimately converts well.
  • ?Customer Log In

Logging in as a customer should be made as simple as possible but still, many companies don’t seem to grasp the importance of this. Having a customer log in that involves entering your name, surname, postcode and e-mail address can be found time consuming for many customers, so ensure that you do not ask more than two log in details such as email address and password.


  • Allow Sorting Options

If you want your customers to see your products whilst having a great shopping experience then you must allow them to sort the products according price, popularity or best-selling, etc. This prevents them from having to view all other products and tailors their search, resulting in an enhanced user experience.


  • Allow Zoom functions

Many customers nowadays still don’t chose to shop online as they don’t trust the product to look like the real thing due to bad experiences with colour differences, deceiving product descriptions or lack of and more. It is therefore highly suggested to allow customers to see what they are buying by having high quality photographs or the product whereby customers can zoom in and out if they want to. It is all about making sure that the customer has ?experienced? the product before buying it, so if you’ve got the resources; go above and beyond with the photograph experience and allow your customers to see the product from every angle possible.


  • ?Stock

The worst experience ever is when a customer clicks on a product; it is in the basket and prior to wanting to pay for it the customer is informed that the product is out of stock. Prevent this by displaying this information from the beginning. If you don’t do this, you’re encouraging switching behaviour from a customers? perspective.


  • Delivery options

This is probably one of the most important data to ensure that’s easy to find and visible on your website. There have been many times where I clicked on a product, wanted to pay for it and was shocked by the additional delivery fee, which ruined the experience and resulted in me leaving the site. So make sure that you include this information on your site.


There are many more ways of improving your ecommerce site and analytics to help you understand the customers experience more clearly which should increase the conversion rate. But before you undertake any of these activities, please ensure you’ve got the above mentioned 5 aspects right.


About the Author: ?Susanna Cha is a recent MSc graduate, currently writing on behalf of Guardian Jobs including jobs such as?marketing jobs, graduate jobs, fundraising jobs and more.