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A Method to Find Your Unique Selling Proposition


It’s a funny thing about our “Uniqueness.” Everyone else seems to be so much clearer on what we offer that’s unique than we are.

Years ago, I ran into this “gift” worksheet in a book. I honestly have no idea which book it was – and if anyone has seen this before – please let me know so that I can give credit. I don’t remember much from the book – but I did happen to find this worksheet that I reference very often with myself and with my clients. I thought you might find it useful as well.

How to Use your-gift-worksheet

You have two choices: 1) write on the actual worksheet or 2) Copy each of the gifts onto index cards and then run the exercise with the cards. The nice thing with this idea is that you can actually use that card as a defining moment, decorate it, turn it into a business card – just use your imagination.

  1. Go through the worksheet and identify those characteristics that you feel you NATURALLY give to others. This is from YOUR perspective – what YOU believe to be true.
  2. Out of all the attributes that you picked, which 5 of those do you MOST ENJOY giving to others?
  3. Of those 5, which do you give most often?

You can do this exercise alone or with a partner or with your team or with your customers. Truly, the more feedback you get, the better.

Tell us what you learned.

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