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Building Excellence: The Power of One Habit Done Well

Reminder: Business is hard for everyone, not just you If you own a business, you are probably overwhelmed by all of the tasks involved. Business owners, whether they have a one-person business or a multi-million

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The Future of Small Biz: Neuromarketing, Social Listening, & Diversity

The future of small business has been the focus of several Twitter chats (We call them Bizapalooza chats) for the past few weeks. Some of the topics small business owners, guests, DIY Marketers, and the

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Beyond Mobile Marketing: How to Reach Customers on Every Device

Here’s Why Your Customers (and Google) Want Your Business to Go Mobile If your business isn’t on mobile like yesterday, it needs to be. As Marketing Profs points out, 1.2 billion people, use

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Writing for Diversity: How Marketers Can Communicate Effectively

In a Twitter chat held on June 12, 2017, DIY Marketers and Tara Clapper (@irishtara) of Express Writers (@ExpWriters) discussed diversity and marketing. In particular, they discussed how to communicate

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The Future of Small Business: Working With Chatbots (Part 1)

The disruption of small business is closer than you think You might not associate chatbots with small businesses now, but you might soon.  With the exploding rise of user-friendly and inexpensive technology,

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Storytelling with Social Media: 15 Creative Ways for Share Awesome

In a recent article, DIY Marketers covered books on storytelling and tools. Now let’s apply those principles to one of the most complicated (even though it doesn’t look like it) marketing channels

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17 Things to Say No to in Marketing in 2017

The world of marketing is all about adaptation.The global business world is a highly competitive one and businesses that get too attached to their marketing strategies will lose customers and ultimately,

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Marketing to Your Customer’s Brain: The Science of Neuromarketing with Roger Dooley

Neuromarketing, an emerging field that combines neuroscience and marketing, might finally offer the breakthrough that marketers have been looking for. Marketing technology has increased the ability of

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Ignoring Tweets? The 4-Billion Dollar Mistake One Company Made

“But here’s the thing: Social media is coming for you…..ready or not.” Ryan Holmes, HootSuite founder and author of “The 4 Billion Dollar Tweet” Welcome to the Wide

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Closing the Gap: What Your Online Reputation Actually Means

This article is going more in-depth on the topic of your online reputation, a topic discussed by Tianna Woods (@SocialBYTW). To get in on the conversation, check out the replay of “How to Build, Manage

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