What to Say on Facebook, When You Don’t Know What to Say

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A guest post by Alex Esperson Social media isn’t just for meeting people; amid the emoticons and funny cat pictures, there is a real opportunity for businesses to connect with their customers on a personal level. Social media marketing is unlike any form of marketing that’s come before, in that it relies on inbound traffic…

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Stuff Every Business Owner Knows and Doesn’t Do — Go Figure


No business will last for long without taking the needs of their customers seriously. Flexibility is an essential ingredient for business success; a company should always be ready to respond to the demands of the marketplace. These days, businesses have no excuse, as there are multiple ways in which customers can make themselves heard; from…

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Use These Little Known Psychologist Tricks To Understand Your Customers

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People don’t make completely random decisions, especially when it comes to what they do with their time and money. Learning some of the basic principles of customer psychology will help you leverage the reasoning behind the choices your customers make. Understanding their motivation allows you to create the right environment to engage your customers and…

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Tips for Marketing Yourself on Camera

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When it comes to marketing oneself on television, Manoush Zomorodi definitely has a few things to teach people. From 1995-2006 Manoush reported and produced for BBC News, with postings in Washington, Berlin, Brussels, and New York.  As a freelance reporter and anchor, she covered business and technology for Reuters Television in New York from 2006-2010.…

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Smartphone Marketing: 10 Twitter Apps You Should Consider

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By Emily Green Twitter is a popular social media site that’s captured the interest of millions. Twitter hosts more than 465 million accounts, with approximately 175 million tweets collectively posted every day. It’s certainly a marketing tool that deserves your attention. To really keep up with Twitter, you need a dedicated app that will give…

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An Instagram Marketing Strategy You Can Implement TODAY

Instagram is perfect for DIY marketers. The iPhone app provides various filters that lend a more artistic edge to your snapshots. The edited photos are automatically added to your camera roll and to the Instagram database, which makes sharing a snap. While huge corporations have professional photographers to make their clothing, food and products look…

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5 Practical and Effective Ways to Display Your Marketing Materials

Online marketing has completely changed the way that businesses are marketing their products or services. Social media can spread both good and bad news faster than a California wildfire, but there is still a huge world that is open for offline marketing, and it should not be missed. Putting all of your advertising budget into…

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5 Big Google+ FAQs

For a lot of Internet users, Google+ is a mystery, that online phenomenon that still doesn’t make much sense. When you already have Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube, why would you want to be on another network? What’s the point? Why use it? What can it do for you? To answer those and other big…

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Five Unique Ways to Build Links and Reputation

When it comes to marketing your business there are many avenues you can go down. Those include content creation, social media marketing, paid search, email marketing, and so on. Why not explore some programs that are less traveled that can add to both your marketing efforts and your online reputation management. Affiliate Program Many industries…

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AdWords vs. Facebook Ads: Which is Right for Your Company?

Google AdWords is, at this point, the largest and most-used format for Internet advertising. Yet, those AdWords links have been around so long that many web users have simply learned to ignore them. For businesses in certain niches, AdWords can be an expensive proposition, too, as competition for keywords can drive rates through the ceiling.…

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