Calligraphy fonts, that are all the rage now. And, if you’re a blogger, it’s time to see if any of these fonts an add a bit of zig to your zag.

What are Calligraphy Fonts?

Handwritten fonts add a touch of elegance to any design project, not to mention they are also great for expressing personality and character. Such fonts can bring charm, elegance, and a handcrafted feel to a project.

Calligraphy fonts for Photoshop take inspiration from the fountain pen lettering that has been around for centuries. There are lots of calligraphy fonts to choose from online, but finding a good quality one can prove challenging.

When to Use Calligraphy Fonts

If you choose the right one, you can use a modern calligraphy font to give a touch of charm to both commercial and personal online projects. Styles range heavily – calligraphy fonts can be formal, casual, modern, or more antique. Also, calligraphy scripts can be used in a variety of projects, from logos and business cards to posters, invitations, etc.

15 Calligraphy Fonts Every Blogger Should Try

There are tons of quality Calligraphy fonts for Photoshop online.

And to help you out, I’ve picked a variety of my best calligraphy fonts for bloggers. Scroll down to take a look.

Lots of the fonts on this list include optional ligatures and alternates you can swap in to create an organic-looking, unique script for your project.

1. Chameeta

Chameeta has an elegant letter-hand touch that endows the typeface with exceptional delicate a. The author managed to transform traditional letterforms into a subtle and exquisite font with charisma and flourishing appearance. It is a perfect option for feminine projects. To help you create a finished and more profound effect, Chameeta Font has many alternate glyphs. It also includes multi-international language letters.

2. Cream Cake

Cream Cake has a smooth, elegant appeal with an impressive combination of curved lines, subtle curves, and boldness. It is an ideal discovery for making headings look delicate yet visually weighty. What’s more, the typeface also has a retro nature that enables you to collaborate with UIs that go for an old-style atmosphere.

3. MyIllutions

MyIllutions is a beautiful formal script— both contemporary and traditional. This connecting script’s italic is slight, making it an extremely legible design. Its additional flourishing options offer truly diverse possibilities for customization of the display. MyIllutions is perfect for those situations that require a glamorous look, and a clear message, without compromising beautiful design.

4. Kinsley

Kinsley is an excellent instrument for creating realistic signatures or awesome headings. It is an increasingly decorative calligraphy type that lets you add charismatic swashes to the beginning and end of lowercase letters or just use long subtle connections to give an extra charm to the word.

5. GingerSpice

This handwritten font is another great choice if you’re looking for a versatile font, created by the artist from Indonesia. The GingerSpice font comes with three font styles, which include rounded and smooth scripts. You can combine and match those styles to achieve a unique yet harmonious look for your designs. Ginger Spice Font comes with multi-language international characters.

6. The Blacklist

The Blacklist is a warm variant for classical and formal fonts that lets you create unique combinations of letterforms. It has enough letter spacing in both capital and small letters. This modern calligraphic font will be the best font style for whatever type of occasion. The Blacklist is written with heavy calligraphic strokes that make this an ideal choice for an eye-catching project.

7. Quinnesha

Quinnesha is a stylish and flexible calligraphic font with rounded angles. This script has a very consistent stroke with sufficient spacing that looks beautiful when it is printed. Quinnesha can be a perfect font for wedding invitations and similar events. This calligraphy font was made in Bandung-Indonesia. You may use it in two styles, Regular and Italic.

8. Weather Sunday

Weather Sunday is a natural modern handwritten font. This formal design echoes 19th-century letter-writing styles, making it a tasteful option for formal posters, invitations, or name cards. Caps are rather big and go below the baseline. This easy calligraphic font will be the best font style for whatever type of occasion.

9. Augustine


With a full set of lowercase alternates and powerful ligatures, Augustine font will make your text as close to a handwritten script as possible. You can use it for headings, signatures, branding, wedding invitations and cards, product packaging, quotes, greeting cards, logos, overlays, and much more.

10. Domiland

The Domiland handwriting font is a beautiful calligraphy font with all the basic glyphs and characters you can expect. It can give you a greater depth to design ideas. It would be best for headlines or short descriptions. It includes a simple and elegant handwritten form and will help you create a stunning signature style.

11. Late Frost

The Late Frost font adds style and a dash of rhythm. It is ideal for apparel design, logotype, letterheads, t-shirt inscriptions, and many more. Also, this handwritten script typeface has a wide array of alternate styles for discretionary ligatures, ligatures, and additional swash typography. All these characteristics will allow you to customize design projects like lettering or handmade typography in an instant.

12. Jane Austen

Jane Austen is entirely different from most of the calligraphic scripts since it has separated letters and broader strokes. It doesn’t have much cursive and flourishing details, but it still looks classic and a beautiful font perfect for event invitations. This calligraphic font will be the best choice style for any type of occasion.

13. Huttem

Huttem is a fun and modern brushed cursive font that has a subtle signature-style vibe. It has an unreadable, and heavy slant that features signature fonts. It has a bold, unique personality to it that makes it great for branding, wedding invitations, t-shirt designs, and Instagram posts.

14. Melinda Script

Melinda Script comes with an elegant and feminine style, which is perfect for making any design stand out. The elegant and stylish feel of the looping ascenders and descenders make this script great for attention-grabbing titles. It features tall capital letters balanced out by a mixture of short and long lowercase characters. Try it out with fashion, design, or wedding themes to complete your latest projects.

15. Mosem

Mosem is a stylish calligraphic font with lots of flourish and cursive details. It has very sophisticated letterforms and characters that look like a result of painting with a brush. It can be an ideal font for your wedding invitations or to other event invitations. Its alternative characters go with several Open Type features such as Stylistic Sets, Stylistic Alternates, Contextual Alternate, SWASH, and Ligature.

Wrapping up

Calligraphy fonts add warmth, style, and character to your web design artworks. They are also versatile to be used in branding & blogging projects, letterheads, stationery designs, t-shirt designs, and wedding invitations.

As you can see from the examples of the best calligraphy fonts above, there are plenty of high-quality scripts that can be used in both personal and commercial projects, so be sure to check them out. And, please, leave your comment below with your opinion about this collection. It will help you to get more helpful web design tools for your online projects.