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Storytelling With Awesome: 7 Books to Improve Your Skills

As DIY Marketers has covered before, storytelling is a powerful way for businesses to bypass the weaknesses of traditional marketing. Customers are busy, have little patience for interruptions, and can

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10 Free (or Cheap) Digital Storytelling Tools

 Why businesses are turning into creative storytellers The time-honored tradition of creative storytelling has seen a comeback in the world of marketing. Businesses are learning (or rather re-learning)

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Customer Service Automation: Is it Right For My Small Business?

Welcome to the New Age of Customer Service Customer service is a bit more complicated than it used to be. Gone are the days of Yellow Pages. Enter a world with customer service technology like self-serve

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Am I Working Too Hard or Not Enough? Balancing Work & Life as Business Owner

As a business professional, work can seem like an almost endless cycle of paperwork, emails, meetings, phone calls, (In between, you somehow end up watching funny videos on YouTube.) At the same time,

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Help, My Business is Making Money, But I’m Not!

You’ve probably seen the stats: One-third (or less) of businesses will fail within a year Over half of those businesses that do survive won’t make it to the 5-year mark If you work in

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Reigniting the Flame: Learn How to Get Your Old Customers Back

Losing customers hurts. Figuring out how to get your old customers back hurts even more. Because it takes so much effort, many business owners don’t even see the point of building bridges. That

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Breaking Boring: 7 Hacks for Producing Better Meetings

 The True Cost of Boring Meetings There are three guarantees in the world of work: taxes, office politics, and boring meetings. Of those three options, meetings are the one thing workers will face on

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Content Inflation Can Destroy Your Small Biz (This is How You Fix It)

The Elephant in the Marketing Room: Does the World Have Too Much Content? Over the past few years, business owners and marketers felt the pressure to produce more content. In response, a dizzying array

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Rebranding Your Awesome: 5 Pro Tips From Personal Branding Expert Leonard Kim

You, whether you know it or not, have a personal brand.   We live in a world where a large party of our identity is lived out online. We post our job history on LinkedIn, communicate with friends

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