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Stuff Every Business Owner Knows and Doesn’t Do — Go Figure

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No business will last for long without taking the needs of their customers seriously. Flexibility is an essential ingredient for business success; a company should always be ready to respond to the demands of the marketplace. These days, businesses have no excuse, as there are multiple ways in which customers can make themselves heard; from a variety of Internet tools to their frontline staff, organizations have the resources available to determine what customers want; the big question is how should they use that information? Below are five tips for using customer feedback to improve how a business functions. 1. Understanding … Read more »

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4 Ways that Google’s Unsubscribe Feature is Going to Make You a Better Marketer

Posted on by Ivana S. Taylor


There’s a “threat” that all the marketers are buzzing about this week; it’s Google’s expansion of it’s List-Unsubscribe feature that’s about to get rolled out more broadly than it had been in its 2009 introduction.  Is Google Trying to Kill Your Email Marketing? Google has made multiple changes to its Gmail recently that involved filtering incoming emails into pre-defined folders; Promotion Social Travel Financial Updates Purchases Forums All of these changes are supposed to make it easier for their users to focus on their most important messages.   Oh sure,  these changes are great for you as a consumer of … Read more »

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Your Blog: Ways To Make Sure it Gets the Attention it Deserves

Posted on by Megan Totka


User-friendly blogging software has turned the Web into a virtual soapbox and also a place where you can stay on top of your online reputation.  For everyone from individuals to business owners to executives, a successful blog is founded on getting the word out there and being read by people.  Plus, blogs are a way to drive sales – a study from HubSpot tells us that 70 percent of businesses that blogged three times a week acquired new customers through their blogs. To develop a loyal online following, you must share useful content that readers will absorb and want to … Read more »

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2014 DIYMarketers Guide to What to Tell Your Designer

Posted on by Ivana S. Taylor

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I’m not one to jump the gun on trend articles.  I’d rather take my time with a tasty cup of coffee, comfy chair and web surfing to save you the time of surfing the web to figure out what you should be focusing on with your web, marketing materials and even content design. It’s a new year and you might have noticed web sites changing here and there.  Well, you noticed correctly – it’s time to chat with your designer about updating your sites,  But you’re probably wondering what to tell them. Wonder no more – here is your request … Read more »

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Vine Turns 1 And Users Catch On With a Vengence

Posted on by Ivana S. Taylor


On January 24, 2013, Vine made its appearance.  An offspring of Twitter, Vine allowed users to create crazy short 6 second video loops.  Here is one of the very first Vine videos: This particular video uses a key Vine feature that makes it possible to create truly complete videos in just 6 seconds. Vine is Old Technology in a New Way Like it’s Twitter parent, Vine has tapped in and turned on a primitive human need to watch something develop — to play creatively with limitations and to communicate in shorter and shorter bursts. The technology itself isn’t really new … Read more »

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How to Promote Your Brand New App

Posted on by Ivana S. Taylor

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Congratulations! You’ve done the work, hired an app development team, and created a new mobile app for your business. Now your customers have a way to check their accounts, order new products, request services, snag coupons, or do whatever your business does best. Except… only four customers have downloaded the app so far, and you strongly suspect one of those customers is your mother. Business owners often assume that once their mobile app is finished, the work is done. However, building the app is really only the first step in the mobile app process. Once the app is complete, the … Read more »

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10 Local Business Marketing Tips You should read Before Breakfast

Posted on by Vedran Tomic

Most small business owners are both fascinated and overwhelmed by the web. Consumers rely on the Internet for purchasing decisions more and more. In fact, by 2014, more than half of all retail sales (53%), offline and online will be affected by the web according to Forrester Research from two years ago. This trend is already affecting all brick and mortar businesses, but most small businesses are not equipped to deal with the complexity of the web. Here are 10 local Internet marketing tips that will help you grow your business without spending thousands of dollars.   Create A Website … Read more »

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Five Ways to Get Traffic for Free

Posted on by Megan Totka


When it comes to marketing, most businesses have one major goal in mind: to generate more traffic to their websites. Today businesses tend to rely on a web presence to market their services and products – the Internet is one of many technologies that will make marketing your business a snap. Internet marketing, particularly through social media, is necessary for businesses that want to reach the largest audience and HubSpot tells us that 74 percent of all marketers say Facebook is important to their lead generation strategies. Whether you are new to the business world or a seasoned owner, you’re … Read more »

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Make your Page Stand Out on Facebook with 3 Simple Ideas

Posted on by Janet Johnson


Preparing your Facebook business page for changes that the network will eventually roll out to the public is one way of getting ahead of the bandwagon.  There are many things that you can do to set up your account correctly for the variations that are coming out. Here are three tips to do with your Fan Page. #1 Get visual with your photos Photos have been enlarged in news feed.  It is best to post good quality pictures and display your fine brand with a custom image if possible.   Think of images that you can bring into your business even … Read more »

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Three Common Blunders in Marketing (You’re Probably Making)

Posted on by Ivana S. Taylor

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Most companies have so many parts in motion that it’s easy to have a lapse in reason and make a business blunder. This is especially true with marketing because there is an inherent need for speed; with the rapidity of marketing, you can easily make mistakes if you’re not paying attention. Businesses are run by people. People make mistakes. You can either laugh it off and get back in the right direction, or you could let it ride and feel the burn. Here are some of those common blunders you’ll find (perhaps right now) in business: 1. That Choice of … Read more »

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