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Individual Marketing Campaigns Vs. Corporate Marketing Campaigns

Posted on by Ivana S. Taylor

In many ways, an individually run marketing campaign is more streamlined than a large company’s marketing efforts. In larger companies, there are inter-departmental issues ranging from poor communication to slow ad optimization. When you’re running your own marketing campaign, you only have to rely on yourself and your ability to effectively manage time and ad optimization. Not only is running your own marketing campaign less expensive, the Internet has made it easier than ever.   Conducting Market Research The benefit of working in a large company with an in-house marketing department is that tasks, such as market research, are delegated … Read more »

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It’s Time for The Marketing Sex Talk. Have a Seat

Posted on by Ivana S. Taylor

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My father gave me the best sex talk EVER! “Ivana, it’s a young man’s job to hit on you.  It’s your job to say no.” There was a lot more to this personal chat between  my dad and I, but his core message was so powerful that I’ve applied it to just about every aspect of my life.  You see, he knew me and understood that I was a little insecure going into adulthood.  He knew that when you don’t know or understand something, you might be tempted to just do what the crowd is doing.  The other thing he … Read more »

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Traditional Small Business Advertising Isn’t Dead Yet

Posted on by Ivana S. Taylor

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Don’t Forget the Tried and True In our increasingly digital age it’s easy to forget that there are ways to market and advertise your business that don’t involve the web.  In a recent presentation by the Founder of Meylah (a local ecommerce platform for small business) 80% of all small business revenue actually comes from LOCAL customers! And that means that you have to be accessible to a local audience.  Recently, I was talking to a client that lived in Middletown, Delaware.  As we were going through his marketing options, we got to talking about some of the traditional marketing … Read more »

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How Companies Are Using Promotional Products to Promote Their Brand

Posted on by Gina Panella


In today’s market, many companies realize standing out from the crowd and developing the right promotional marketing approach can facilitate finding success in their industry. One of the many ways that companies can do this is by creating and giving out different promotional products. Choosing the right promotional products is of the utmost importance. There are many who will simply choose cheap traditional promotional items, such as stickers, cards, and other small items that often just get thrown away because it fits their budget. This can be a huge risk because any items that gets thrown away are nothing more … Read more »

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4 Tradeshow Marketing Rules of Dominating the Competition

Posted on by Elspeth M

Tradeshows are one of the great inventions of modern marketing. Love them or hate them, they are necessary for most businesses. You get the opportunity to showcase your products live and in-person to a captive audience.  The key to being successful is that you have to understand the sales process that’s an intrinsic part of the tradeshow circuit. It’s not enough to simply throw your stuff up on a table and show up. In fact, with the price of a table these days, it’s important that companies don’t just suffer through a show, but carefully select and send the right … Read more »

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Guerrilla Marketing: Create a Buzz Around Your Business

Posted on by Megan Totka


The art of guerrilla marketing involves creating hype around your business, but with a twist.  This high impact marketing method is an unconventional and low-cost way to create a buzz around your brand.  Unlike traditional forms of marketing, guerilla marketing is different because it targets individuals specifically.  Think of it this way: your business should be like your thumbprint—unique, so treat it that way as you come up with the best ways to market your business.  The popular home furnishing store IKEA used guerilla marketing in New York City where it set up hundreds of experiences throughout the city to … Read more »

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Essential Sales and Marketing KPIs – Part 2

Posted on by Market Smartly

The success of any marketing campaign is determined by KPIs (key performance indicators). As marketing consultants we are constantly looking for innovative techniques to measure marketing ROI (return on investment).  KPIs are invaluable as they provide a measure of the different components that form your overall marketing strategy and how they integrate.  Throughout our “Essential Sales and Marketing KPIs” posts series, we are explaining the most important KPIs that marketers need to apply in order to enhance their marketing strategy and maximise ROI. In Part 1 we discussed, Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC). Today, we will address another relevant KPI. KPI 2: … Read more »

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What TV Shows Teach Actual Marketing Skills?

Posted on by Ivana S. Taylor

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How does Don Draper do it? The dapper protagonist of AMC’s “Mad Men” creates some of the most intriguing and effective marketing campaigns for his clients, who demand perfection each and every time. Before the social marketing and research tools we enjoy today, Draper just sits at the conference room table with his glass of neat whiskey and the ideas appear from thin air. So how does he do it? He doesn’t, and neither does anyone else in the advertising/marketing industry. “Mad Men” is a fantastic show, but in 2013 the skills and tools used to build campaigns won’t be … Read more »

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SoLoMo, Guerilla & Collateral: DIY Marketing 2013

Posted on by Ivana S. Taylor

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Who says you can’t have an effective marketing campaign on a small budget? Thanks to innovation and the ongoing acceptance of marketing strategies, anyone from the entrepreneur to a large corporation can get the recognition they need to be successful. But don’t be vanilla about it … DIY marketing campaigns that stand out offer sweet rewards. SoLoMo Marketing Social: The ability to highlight the distinguishing details of your business and showcase them across social networking platforms is remarkable. Not only is this method free (what, free?) but it reaches out to eyes and ears you may have missed in your … Read more »

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Essential Sales and Marketing KPIs – Part 1

Posted on by Market Smartly

The success of any marketing campaign is determined by KPIs (key performance indicators) and using measurement tools to assess effectiveness. As Brisbane marketing consultants, Market Smartly, we work with clients locally, nationally and internationally and all our clients have the same needs when it comes to measuring marketing performance: How do you measure the effectiveness of marketing? All clients want to measure marketing ROI (return on investment). Marketing strategies often lack measurement calculations that can really pin point the initiatives that are effective and which ones aren’t.  Throughout our “Essential Sales and Marketing KPIs” posts series, we will be explaining the … Read more »

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