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Best Free Online Presentation Tools for 2016


When it comes to choosing presentation software most people automatically think of Microsoft PowerPoint. It is the biggest name in the game and has been the go-to presentation software for all types of businesses. But just because something is well known does not mean that it’s the best. Some of the best presentation software available…

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Marketing Tips to Get (and Keep) Your Business Going

whats your why (1)

Owning your own business and controlling your marketing ventures is a lot of fun and can be rewarding– but it’s also a lot of work. From time to time it is good to think about some new marketing tips to help your business grow. Here are eight marketing tips you should consider: Establish your “why.”…

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How to Use LinkedIn for Competitive Intelligence Like Sherlock Holmes

holmes (1)

Remember the good old days, when being a successful business owner simply meant providing your customers with the best products and services possible? Ahh, what a wonderful world… Well, those days are long gone. In today’s fast-moving, ultra-competitive business climate, even the neighborhood lemonade stand has to take constant proactive steps to stay ahead of the…

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Bet You Haven’t Tried These Twitter Card Marketing Ideas

Twitter-Cards (1)

If you are looking for some great marketing ideas to help your business, think about incorporating them around a “Twitter Card.” Sure, you’ve heard of Twitter, but now Twitter has gone “multimedia!” They are wanting to levelize their impact with Facebook and Instagram, with all of their multimedia capabilities so they now allow you to…

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6 Free or Low Cost Ways to Market Your Business

piggy bank

Looking for ways to market and promote your business that are free or affordable? I think most businesses are. The best marketing toolbox has a combination of the tried and true and new best practices such as a clearly defined brand that makes you stand out and tells people what you do and what you…

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Stop Doing These Marketing Activities and Watch Your Business Grow

slot machines (1)

The first time  my husband and I were in Las Vegas, we walked up to a slot machine, put in a dollar, pressed the button and…..NOTHING.  That’s when I said “THIS is why I hate gambling, you give it money, it gives you nothing.”  It’s very unsatisfying and I’m not willing to wait for the…

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Looking for a WordPress Alternative – Think Blogger

Wordpress-vs-Blogspot (1)

Everything old is new again! My default website platform is WordPress.  But is there something better. cheaper, faster? As it turns out — Blogger is still a viable alternative platform to WordPress!  I started my very first blog on Blogger back in 1998, and to be honest, hadn’t really considered them as a viable options…

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6 Holiday Marketing Tips on a Budget

Christmas piggy bank

With fall in full swing, we know what comes next – the holiday season. As a business owner on a budget and short on time, you may need to focus on cost-effective marketing ideas to avoid slashing your profit and to make your business stand out from the competition. The average U.S. consumer spent $704…

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It’s a BLOWOUT of Low Cost Marketing Ideas for Small Business, Health Coaches, Photographers and Restaurants

blue sky ideas

I’ve just returned from an event in New York for entrepreneurs and you won’t be surprised that the most common questions are how do I do BIG marketing on a small budget? So here’s a round up of a few articles that I’ve found on the subject.  I’ve taken inspiration from the article for my…

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How to Write a Brochure: Creative Marketing Ideas for Brochures That Convert

oregami medium_223907514

I’m helping a friend who has relocated to a new state launch his sales consulting business.  His ideal clients aren’t really online for business and he gets most of his new clients from face-to-face meetings at networking events. Here’s the deal — PRINTED marketing pieces are going to be the most effective way for him…

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