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5 Great Tips for Effective Niche Market Marketing

A lot of small business owners think if they offer more products or services, they’ll get more customers. Makes sense, right? The truth is: narrowing down to a niche market can actually boost business.

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Video Storytelling Secrets From Hollywood

These days, there are many ways to share your stories with the world and video might be the single most powerful. For example, there seems to be a sort of reversal going on at Facebook: Photo Posts which

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3 Content Marketing Strategy Lessons Based on 5 Years of Data

Check Out These Content Marketing Strategy Hacks If you’ve been practicing several content marketingstrategies, then you already know that these strategies are changing about as often as you change

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Top Thoughts on SnapChat for Small Business

I first heard about SnapChat several years ago when my teenage son was using it to chat with friends.  I checked it out because I’m (as we like to say in Pittsburgh) “nebby” and have

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Money Talks! How to Organize Your Financials and Make Better Business Decisions

If you’ve been struggling with how to organize your financials, this practical article will have you excited about managing your financials — even if you suck at it right now.

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A “New” Beginners Guide To Understanding Link Building

How Does Link Building Work “Now”? Link building has changed drastically in a short amount of time. At one time buying 100 exact keyword links from individual IP addresses was the norm. This solution

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How to make prospects fall in love with you

Having a product or service that people will fall in love with is an imperative part of the successful business puzzle. That said, all of your awesomeness is lost on prospective customers if they don’t

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How to Integrate Online and Offline Marketing

You know you have to integrate your online and offline marketing — but HOW?! I’ll be you are overwhelmed, frustrated and confused these days because some new marketing tool or social media

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Use This Simple 3-Step Storytelling Process to Tell Your Brand Story

What makes for a good story? And how can that be learned and applied to your business? A good story might seem like it’s spontaneous, but it’s really part of a simple storytelling process. There’s

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How to Market Your Content on Twitter

We’ve spent a lot of time talking about how Twitter is a fantastic engagement and relationship building tool. Last week, over at #BizapaloozaChat, we talked about the one thing every small business

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