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3 Steps to Launching a Successful Influencer Marketing Campaign on a Shoestring Budget

Small businesses often have a large problem when it comes to marketing. While online business and large chains can dump millions into their marketing budgets, main street entrepreneurs are often left with

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7 Ways Small Business Owners Can Take Advantage of Seasonal Marketing

Your small business does not have to concentrate on a seasonal product or service for you to make the most of holiday promotions, or trends that come around just one time each year. Take a look at these

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4 Free Productivity Strategies for DIY Marketers

Productivity isn’t just about getting a lot done, it’s getting the right things done. When people come to me for consulting, one thing I am always asked is, “What should I be doing now with

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Productivity Tips for Workaholic Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

How About Doing Less with More If you accidentally forgot your phone, how far would you have to drive before you got it back? Being perpetually connected to your work or your business is not an addiction,

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3 Reasons to Print Branded Materials In-House

Many businesses now recognize the appeal of printed and digital media in comparison to concentrating on the online space exclusively. Most small business owners reach out to customers online and via social

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How to Use Powerful Body Language to Tell Your Story

It is said that more people fear public speaking than death. So, here are some basic fundamental presentation skills that will help anyone who has to stand and speak in front of a crowd. What are the

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The Politics of Branding: Don’t Make These Lands’ End Mistakes

What You Can Learn from the Lands’ End Fiasco New communication strategies are usually a good idea for businesses wanting to grow. It lets the company reach new demographics who might not have heard

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5 Great Tips for Effective Niche Market Marketing

A lot of small business owners think if they offer more products or services, they’ll get more customers. Makes sense, right? The truth is: narrowing down to a niche market can actually boost business.

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Video Storytelling Secrets From Hollywood

These days, there are many ways to share your stories with the world and video might be the single most powerful. For example, there seems to be a sort of reversal going on at Facebook: Photo Posts which

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3 Content Marketing Strategy Lessons Based on 5 Years of Data

Check Out These Content Marketing Strategy Hacks If you’ve been practicing several content marketingstrategies, then you already know that these strategies are changing about as often as you change

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