Stop Doing These Marketing Activities and Watch Your Business Grow

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The first time  my husband and I were in Las Vegas, we walked up to a slot machine, put in a dollar, pressed the button and…..NOTHING.  That’s when I said “THIS is why I hate gambling, you give it money, it gives you nothing.”  It’s very unsatisfying and I’m not willing to wait for the…

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Looking for a WordPress Alternative – Think Blogger

Wordpress-vs-Blogspot (1)

Everything old is new again! My default website platform is WordPress.  But is there something better. cheaper, faster? As it turns out — Blogger is still a viable alternative platform to WordPress!  I started my very first blog on Blogger back in 1998, and to be honest, hadn’t really considered them as a viable options…

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It’s a BLOWOUT of Low Cost Marketing Ideas for Small Business, Health Coaches, Photographers and Restaurants

blue sky ideas

I’ve just returned from an event in New York for entrepreneurs and you won’t be surprised that the most common questions are how do I do BIG marketing on a small budget? So here’s a round up of a few articles that I’ve found on the subject.  I’ve taken inspiration from the article for my…

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How to Write a Brochure: Creative Marketing Ideas for Brochures That Convert

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I’m helping a friend who has relocated to a new state launch his sales consulting business.  His ideal clients aren’t really online for business and he gets most of his new clients from face-to-face meetings at networking events. Here’s the deal — PRINTED marketing pieces are going to be the most effective way for him…

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8 Online Low Cost Marketing Ideas for Entrepreneurs

online marketing ideas

I love online marketing; it’s cheap, it’s easy and if you’re an entrepreneur with more time than money – it’s definitely your go-to strategy that should include: Blogging Social media Email There is no shortage of experts out there and I’ll bet you’ve fallen pray to more than your share who promise million dollar results in…

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You Need to Drop Everything to See What Ikea’s Done Now!

print image

  Have you been ignoring the power of print? I quit printing about a year or so ago.  And you won’t believe why.  The printer I have is so complicated with so many bells and whistles that it takes a computer science degree just to print a simple document.  So I just quit printing.  I…

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OK, So You’re Not Richard Branson, But Look At How He Drives Traffic Without Killing Himself

I love these social media tips that come from super stars.  OK, so you’re not Richard Branson or Huffington Post, but here are 6 simple lessons that celebrities use to generate great content and social media chatter without killing themselves and wasting their day. 1) Multi-post in a single stroke Branson teaches us that you don’t…

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Call To Action Tweets from Content Marketing World – Brought Down to Earth for Cash Strapped Marketers

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What Small Business Owners, Consultants and Coaches Can Learn From the Big Guys Content Marketing World is an event that’s out of reach for most small business marketers’ budgets, but the lessons covered here aren’t just for the big guys.  Yes, a lot of attendees were from bigger companies who have entire departments for what…

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Looking for Low Budget Marketing Ideas? Here’s the Best Way to Spend $500

cheap marketing ideas

There are only three things that matter to you: finding customers, keeping customers, and making money.  That’s what marketing is for — isn’t it? Then there are our other two favorite things; time and money.And those two things are almost always lacking when it comes to marketing. So how do you decide how much to…

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Use These 5 Questions to Develop Your Marketing Message, USP and Brand

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If you haven’t noticed already — the DIYMarketers site is looking a bit different than it used to.  That’s because sometime last year I started the process of tweaking my brand and my messaging.  It has been a journey for sure — even for someone who is in the business of branding and messaging, and…

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