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How to Use Follow Up to Close More Deals and Increase Your Sales

Posted on by Michael Zipursky


According to Andy Paul, author of Zero-Time Selling, studies show that 60% of businesses don’t follow up with the leads they receive. That’s a devastating number when you consider that 45% of B2B and 55-60% of B2C leads will actually end up buying. They may not buy from you, they may not buy right away, but they will buy and research from Marketo confirms this. If 45% or more of leads, let’s define a “lead” as someone that inquires and shows interest in buying a product or service, end up buying and 60% of companies don’t follow up with those … Read more »

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Expand Your Business By Targeting International Customers

Posted on by Ivana S. Taylor


The last time your marketing team sat down to create a target audience for your brand, did they think globally? Chances are, they stuck to what they knew: fashion sneakers for preteens, laundry detergent for suburban moms, all of the basic examples you could read in any Business 101 textbook. Call another meeting. It’s time to think globally. Customers are everywhere The last time you bought Pocky, watched Doctor Who, or enjoyed some delicious Ethiopian injera bread, did you think “oh, wait, these products are not meant for Americans?” Of course not. It’s the same the other way around — … Read more »

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What the $&#! Do I Put on My Website?

Posted on by Ivana S. Taylor

There’s not a huge difference between a website that makes money for its company and one that doesn’t. Seriously, it comes down to understanding a few simple but proven principles that when followed and implemented, will make it easier for your audience to find you and want to connect with you. And most importantly whether or not they will hire you or buy from you. I want to introduce you to the person who taught me this, Matthew Goldfarb of Corporate Renegade. Matthew will be sharing his principles for effective website copy writing with me on Wednesday, November 6 at … Read more »

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5 Technologies That Will Make Marketing Your Business a Snap

Posted on by Ivana S. Taylor

Fresh ideas, concept words

Most small business owners agree that when it comes to your business, marketing, sales and social media, you are pretty much a one-person show. Such is the life of an entrepreneur! But that doesn’t mean you have to spend huge amounts of time doing each of those functions. In fact, there are so many great technologies available that will simplify your life immensely. Let’s look at five technologies that you can use in any sized business to bring automation and order to your sales and marketing process. 1. CRM – Customer Relationship Management tools are there to help you manage … Read more »

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4 Tradeshow Marketing Rules of Dominating the Competition

Posted on by Elspeth M

Tradeshows are one of the great inventions of modern marketing. Love them or hate them, they are necessary for most businesses. You get the opportunity to showcase your products live and in-person to a captive audience.  The key to being successful is that you have to understand the sales process that’s an intrinsic part of the tradeshow circuit. It’s not enough to simply throw your stuff up on a table and show up. In fact, with the price of a table these days, it’s important that companies don’t just suffer through a show, but carefully select and send the right … Read more »

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ToutApp Does Email Marketing Like Never Before

Posted on by Jeanne Burns

Email marketing is the most efficient way for salespeople everywhere to communicate with clients, prospects and colleagues and track that correspondence. Efficient. Yes efficient despite the fact that your average salesperson faces over 6,000 emails in their inbox each month. Six thousand. Just in the in- box. I have just discovered a great new App that will help parse and track that email, in real time, on the fly with your iPhone. Track the outgoing ones. These are the important ones. These are the ones that sales people send to sell. The App that will help change your life and … Read more »

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Nimble Offers Tools of Engagement for Small Businesses Overwhelmed by Social Marketing Strategies

Posted on by Ivana S. Taylor


Raise your hand if you’ve got social media handled! Yeah — I thought so.  I’ve been doing this social media thing for a long time and the question I get asked most often is how do you manage all these conversations AND how do you ever make money using social media. The answer to managing social media is in automation.  And the answer to making money on social media is only determined by how well you manage those relationships. The New Nimble is a Super-Two-Fer Social CRM I was first introduced to Nimble a few years ago.  You can read … Read more »

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Do You Really Know What Your Customers Are Buying?

Posted on by Ian Chamandy and Ken Aber

ceo with sports car

In a scene from Moneyball, one of the main characters says “If only people knew how baseball games were really won and lost, they would construct their teams entirely differently.” This is true for almost every company as well. For instance, what if a Blackberry isn’t a Smartphone after all? What if its success was due to something entirely different from its Smartphone features and benefits? Understanding that belonging is a fundamental human need is key to being able to answer these questions. Belonging is something we strive for every day in how we behave, the clothes we wear, the … Read more »

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Why Aren’t You Selling as Much as You Could?

Posted on by Ian Chamandy and Ken Aber


If you are like most companies, your sales conversation starts in one of two ways: a detailed PowerPoint laundry list of your features and benefits or you look at them and ask “What keeps you awake at night?” In either case, you are putting yourself behind the eight ball right from the start. In the first instance, you are likely overwhelming your prospect with information on a subject that they know and care little about – your product or service – and, as a result, you are making their eyes glaze over. When you ask them “What keeps you awake … Read more »

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Sales Process – Unleash your Honey Badger Mentality

Posted on by Guest


The sales world is a tough place to be in; it requires a lot of mental strength to deal with customers that despise your presence or deal with the stress of hitting required targets. However at times you just can’t help but lose faith in your sales strategy or process and then the self-doubt kicks in. There is a very easy way to cure this, just think of the honey badger who literally does not take no for an answer. These tips will help you become a stronger person and it will help you push through the toughest of days. … Read more »

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