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It’s all about getting and keeping profitable customers. Use the tools, tips and strategies covered here to help you get your ideal customer to choose you every time regardless of price.

How to Write a LinkedIn Summary That Will Make Prospects Fall in Love With You


When I first started using LinkedIn back in 2004 or 2005 I used my profile as an online resume and my connections as a sort of database.  But things have CHANGED!  LinkedIn isn’t just a database or an online resume — it’s your first impression for any connection. The Simple Skippy on Your LinkedIn Profile Would you…

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How to Prepare for Your Next Sales Call

preparation (1)

Sales is simply a game and knowing the rules of the game makes things easy. The intent of the article is to help you improve your sales skills, help you become a better sales leader while growing sales and increasing revenues. How many times have you gone into a sales meeting without a plan, hoping…

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How to Use LinkedIn to Connect With Prospects

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  The Simplified Skippy on LinkedIn for Small Business Owners Use LinkedIn as a giant rolodex (contact database).  You already know that a successful and profitable business is based on WHO you know more than what you know.  LinkedIn makes this process infinitely more efficient. Don’t be afraid of the competition — that horse has…

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Email is Not Dead: 4 Tips to Becoming an Email Marketing Pro

A business acquaintance of mine recently claimed, “Anyone who believes email marketing is dead doesn’t know how to do email marketing”. I have to say, I agree. Yes, today’s tech-savvy and self-aware consumers are sensitive to – and perhaps even cynical about – efforts to capture their attention through their inboxes. But, email continues to be one…

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Best Online Marketing Tools for Restaurants

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Marketing online as a restaurant can seem like a difficult task, especially when the competition already has a handle on their social media and other online marketing tactics. But this shouldn’t stop you from giving it a go anyway–why not do it with the right advice instead of doing nothing at all? Besides, since when…

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How to Increase Your Website Traffic by 20%

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So you took the big leap into creating your own brand/business. You built a website, made a Facebook page, and even posted a meme on Instagram with a picture of Kevin Costner and the catchphrase, “If you build it, he will come.” You can wait for users to magically start visiting your website, or you…

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How to Brand Your Business: 5 Brainstorming Exercises That Will Attract Your Ideal Customer


68% of your customers have no idea why they should choose you! I saw this statistic many years ago – so don’t ask me where it came from, but it rang so true to me, that I remembered it.  If you’ve ever said “I need more customers” or if your customers are complaining about your…

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Collect Testimonials And Get Your Customers To Fall In Love With You All Over Again

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There are an absolute ton of articles out there on how to make your customer fall in love with you. Today, I’d like to take this one step further and talk about testimonials. Testimonials actually serve a dual purpose: First, they give your customer the opportunity to share why they love working with you or…

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You Had Them At Hello: Never Write Another Proposal


Proposals are a waste of time How many proposals do you write each month?  How many turn into new business? I stopped doing proposals about three months after starting my business.  The whole experience was time-consuming, frustrating and just plain stupid. Now, before you go off wondering about my sanity, let me explain something.  Proposals are…

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9 Marketing Ideas for Printed Items to Take To Your Next Networking Event

cat 1

You eat what you kill As I write this, I can see my neighbor’s cat stalking out in the back yard.  He’s walking slowly around another neighbor’s vegetable garden.  It’s clear to me, that he has an objective; to catch a mouse or a mole.  I’m not sure if he’s going to be successful or…

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