7 Reasons You Can’t Close A Sale To Save Your Life

how to get sales

When you are trying to close sales for your small business, you need to remember that you do not have the resources of a massive corporation. However, you do have the resource of time on your side. A large corporation likely does not have time to devote to its customers, and you can use this…

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10 Great Articles With Creative Lead Generating Ideas

lead generation round up

It might be a little early for this – but you’re probably starting to think about how you can improve your existing lead generation strategies for next year. Rather than overwhelm you with a ton of articles, I’ve selected just those articles that have some really good lead generating ideas that are totally “DIY doable”.…

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6 Facts About Customers Everyone Thinks Are True – And Some Marketing Ideas to Overcome Them


  Photo courtesy of a_whisper_of_unremitting_demand(CC Attribution) Well, not so right.  Our brains are really good at creating stories and meanings that sometimes get in the way of our success.  In other words, we see what we want to see.  Today, I’m going to help you bust a few customer myths that might be holding you…

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Stop Guessing – Just Ask Your Customers – Here’s a List of Questions

If you’re wondering what program, product or service to launch next — stop guessing and do a quick survey! Maybe you’re stumped about what questions to ask on your customer survey. Well, I’ve done some thinking for you — it’s in my latest article over on QuestionPro What’s turning your customers on or off? What…

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Are Facebook Contests A Lead Generation Strategy for YOUR Business?

facebook contest blue ribbon

I’ve known about Facebook contests for years.  I mean a lot of years.  They are a terrific way to engage your audience, build your fan base and, of course, generate leads and build your list.  Who doesn’t want THAT? Why I still haven’t run a Facebook contest – uuugh It’s years later and I still…

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Cooking Up a Killer Referral Marketing System


  Building referrals is just as important now as if was in the past.  In fact, I think it’s much easier and more cost effective now to develop and build those relationships than it had been in the past.  What I think is more difficult is keeping those referral conversations alive and focused. Social media…

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4 Ways that Google's Unsubscribe Feature is Going to Make You a Better Marketer


There’s a “threat” that all the marketers are buzzing about this week; it’s Google’s expansion of it’s List-Unsubscribe feature that’s about to get rolled out more broadly than it had been in its 2009 introduction.  Is Google Trying to Kill Your Email Marketing? Google has made multiple changes to its Gmail recently that involved filtering…

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How to Use Follow Up to Close More Deals and Increase Your Sales


According to Andy Paul, author of Zero-Time Selling, studies show that 60% of businesses don’t follow up with the leads they receive. That’s a devastating number when you consider that 45% of B2B and 55-60% of B2C leads will actually end up buying. They may not buy from you, they may not buy right away,…

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Expand Your Business By Targeting International Customers


The last time your marketing team sat down to create a target audience for your brand, did they think globally? Chances are, they stuck to what they knew: fashion sneakers for preteens, laundry detergent for suburban moms, all of the basic examples you could read in any Business 101 textbook. Call another meeting. It’s time…

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5 Technologies That Will Make Marketing Your Business a Snap

Fresh ideas, concept words

Most small business owners agree that when it comes to your business, marketing, sales and social media, you are pretty much a one-person show. Such is the life of an entrepreneur! But that doesn’t mean you have to spend huge amounts of time doing each of those functions. In fact, there are so many great…

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