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What to Read Next: “Beached Whale” by Dr. Darien Martin

“Pursuing incremental improvement while rivals reinvent the industry is like fiddling while Rome burns.” – Quote from “Beached Whale: Learning to Swim in the New Ocean” by

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Here’s Why Jason Fried Says You Need to “Rework” Your Business

Book Snapshot Authors: Jason Fried & David Heinemeier Hansson Published: March 2010 Pages: 288 Formats: Kindle, Print, Audiobook Quick Summary: Rework invites readers to challenge their basic assumptions

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5 Awesome Reads for a (Nearly) Distraction-Free Workday

Let’s face it, the workplace is stressful. No matter what time management tool or “hack” you try, time management always seems like a game whack-a-mole. The moment you try to get more work done,

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Writing a Book? Here’s How Authors Make Money

Authors, let’s talk about money. Now it’s not enough to assume that writers only write for the “love of the writing”. But, have you ever wondered how much authors actually make?

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Three Team Leadership Lessons From ?The Boss?

Team Leadership Advice to Drive Marketing Mastery If you want to get?invaluable team leadership advice, you don?t need to look any further than Bruce Springsteen’s recently published memoir, Born

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7 Simple Steps That Will Help You Tell a Story About Your Business

Business storytelling is becoming more and more important this year. ?You are constantly telling stories about your business. Whether that story is told in a speech, in ordinary conversation with co-workers

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10 Best Social Media Books for DIY Marketers

Are you struggling to understand social media marketing best practices? Are you inventing or reinventing your company’s marketing campaign? As a DIY marketer, it is essential for you to master the

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An Explanation About a Book So That You Can Decide if You Want to Read it or Not

I could call this a “Book Review” but I think I’m going to follow the author’s lead and use simple words to describe complicated things. Read “Thing Explainer” and

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The 5 Best Marketing Books You Should Have Read in 2015

Don’t start 2016 without reading these best marketing books that came out in 2015! All the books on this list are must-reads for any DIY Marketing strategy.

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Are You Ready for Exponential Influence? Adrian Ott’s New Book Shows You How

Adrian Ott?s bestselling book, “The 24-Hour Customer“, teaches you how to penetrate a market of consumers that has little time for everything and almost none for you, but they do have

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