Use These Little Known Psychologist Tricks To Understand Your Customers

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People don’t make completely random decisions, especially when it comes to what they do with their time and money. Learning some of the basic principles of customer psychology will help you leverage the reasoning behind the choices your customers make. Understanding their motivation allows you to create the right environment to engage your customers and…

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Three Common Blunders in Marketing (You’re Probably Making)

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Most companies have so many parts in motion that it’s easy to have a lapse in reason and make a business blunder. This is especially true with marketing because there is an inherent need for speed; with the rapidity of marketing, you can easily make mistakes if you’re not paying attention. Businesses are run by…

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3 Vital Social Media Marketing Trends in Retail

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The other day I walked into a local retail shop and noticed that they were having some kind of an “event”.  The place was overflowing with people who were interacting, laughing and having an all around good time – inside of a retail space.  When I asked one of the associates what was going on,…

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8 Tips for Increasing Email Subscribers

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The more I work with small businesses searching for the best ways to interact with clients, the more I realize that email messaging is still one of the most effective ways to communicate. In fact, studies show nearly 77% of people still prefer to receive promotions via email. So how can your business increase its…

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How To Build A Simple Return On Investment For Your Customer


If you are selling or marketing your company and its products or services to business, obviously its best to do so as ‘high’ in an organization as possible. If you are working small business to small business, working directly with the owner is ideal because it short-circuits communications and decision making efforts at your prospect. …

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How Use Social Media To Brand Your Company Over The Holidays


The holidays are just around the corner, which typically translates into the busiest time of the year for many companies. In years past, businesses had only newspaper ads and in-store marketing to inform customers of their holiday specials and deals. However, the world of social media is now making it easier than ever for companies…

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Ways to Make Daily Deal Sites Work for You: How to Build Long-Term Clientele from Bulk Discounts


Without a doubt, 2011 was the year of the daily deal.   Businesses jumped on the opportunity to offer great deals on the web and reach a large audience of potential customers.   Sites like Groupon and Living Social made major breakthroughs in online promotions, and were able to sell huge amounts of cut-rate coupons and provide cash…

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Social Media Apps for Business Owners


All companies, small and large, are learning to embrace social media. Some are adapting to the curve fairly quickly while others aren’t quite sure where to start. But it doesn’t have to be a complicated process, in fact, it can be rather simple and for the effort you will notice your readers are more actively…

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Your business should be like your thumbprint—unique and ownable


For entrepreneurs, the hardest part isn’t necessarily creating the idea. In fact, the hardest part is getting your idea noticed in a cluttered market. No matter the category, the competition is fierce, and it’s getting harder and harder to rise above the noise with traditional branding and marketing tactics.  I encourage you to take on…

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Do You Really Know What Your Customers Are Buying?

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In a scene from Moneyball, one of the main characters says “If only people knew how baseball games were really won and lost, they would construct their teams entirely differently.” This is true for almost every company as well. For instance, what if a Blackberry isn’t a Smartphone after all? What if its success was…

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