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4 Free Sites to Get Amazing Photography for Your Website

They say content is king. But when it comes to marketing, visuals should be considered queen. In today’s digital world, it’s not enough to have great writing and smart text. You need stunning photography

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Storytelling With Awesome: 7 Books to Improve Your Skills

As DIY Marketers has covered before, storytelling is a powerful way for businesses to bypass the weaknesses of traditional marketing. Customers are busy, have little patience for interruptions, and can

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Your Customer is Going Mobile, Are You?

These days it’s next to impossible to do anything or go anywhere without a mobile device be it a smartphone, tablet, or smartwatch. With 77% of adult Americans now own a smartphone, and 51% own or

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3 Ways to Market Your Business While You Sleep

Did you know you can actively market your business without having to put in constant effort? That’s right, you can be promoting your business while you eat dinner, walk the dogs, and even while you

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How to Take the Frustration Out of Online Reviews

Is there anything scarier or more upsetting than getting a one-star review online where everyone can see it? Maybe not. But having no online reviews can be just as damaging to your small business. According

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How to Create B2B Content Buyers Want to Read (Plus some implementation tips)

Are you writing what your potential customers want to read? It’s no secret that there is a glut of content. This is simply inconsumable by the average person. And the Demand Gen data proves the point.

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The Introverted Business Person’s Guide to Surviving Networking Events

Why Does Almost Everyone Hate Networking? Unless you are a dedicated extrovert, the word “networking” is something that fills you with dread. Just thinking of the word can bring to mind images

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6 Best Marketing Tools for DIY Small Business Owners

One of the hardest things for first-time entrepreneurs, and even seasoned startup pros is learning how to effectively market a product or service. Thankfully, if you’re willing to learn and utilize the

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Email Automation in 2017? Top 3 Email Marketing Platforms for Higher Conversions

In the exciting world of entrepreneurship, small business owners can easily find themselves wearing many operational hats at once. Thankfully when it comes to marketing your own business, email marketing

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Should You Put Your Resources into Content or Paid Marketing?

When it comes to getting the best bang for your buck marketing-wise, you may have trouble deciding where to put your marketing budget. On one side, content marketing can establish your expertise in your

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