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5 Essential Tools for the Productive Content Marketer

As a content marketer or business blogger, you’re probably looking for all the help that you can get to get you to become a better, more productive content creator. As a blogger of five years and an

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5 Tools to Organize Your Content Marketing Efforts

Content marketing is a powerful way for small businesses to market their products or services. But, content marketing can be hard to track and organize for small businesses. Which is unfortunate because

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How to Create B2B Content Buyers Want to Read (Plus some implementation tips)

Are you writing what your potential customers want to read? It’s no secret that there is a glut of content. This is simply inconsumable by the average person. And the Demand Gen data proves the point.

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Should You Put Your Resources into Content or Paid Marketing?

When it comes to getting the best bang for your buck marketing-wise, you may have trouble deciding where to put your marketing budget. On one side, content marketing can establish your expertise in your

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How to Succeed in Comment Marketing in 4 Simple Steps

Commenting on other folks’ blog or social media posts is probably as old as the Internet itself. In its early years, commenting was quite an innocent occupation with people discussing stuff and voicing

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Content Inflation Can Destroy Your Small Biz (This is How You Fix It)

The Elephant in the Marketing Room: Does the World Have Too Much Content? Over the past few years, business owners and marketers felt the pressure to produce more content. In response, a dizzying array

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5 Quick Reasons Your Business Should Love Online Quizzes

Try Interact’s co-founder Josh Haynam (@jhaynam), served as a guest host for a recent #bizapaloozachat with DIY Marketers on the topic of quizzes and marketing. For the replay, click here. Haynam

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