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The Future of Small Biz: Neuromarketing, Social Listening, & Diversity

The future of small business has been the focus of several Twitter chats (We call them Bizapalooza chats) for the past few weeks. Some of the topics small business owners, guests, DIY Marketers, and the

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Get Ready to Iron Out Differences on Social Media

I opened up my newsfeed and quickly spotted an interesting pattern: people are airing out their grievances openly on social media and leaving it to the court of public opinion to decide the outcome. Check

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5 Tips on How to Social Listen Like a Pro

If you’re reading this article, congratulations! Whether you understand social listening and want to find more tips or if you’re just looking for more information on the subject, you know that social

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Ignoring Tweets? The 4-Billion Dollar Mistake One Company Made

“But here’s the thing: Social media is coming for you…..ready or not.” Ryan Holmes, HootSuite founder and author of “The 4 Billion Dollar Tweet” Welcome to the Wide

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Turn Online Chatter to Online Opportunity with Social Listening

In a recent Twitter chat with Mick Griffin (@MickGriffin) of Brand 24(@Brand24), DIY Marketers discussed the topic of social listening, a necessary tool for any business in the modern era. The chat discussed

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