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Paid vs. Organic Traffic: What Generates the Most Qualified Leads?

Without leads, any sales department will falter. Since organic leads don’t start happening until after your website has been up and running for some time, paid traffic comes into play to fill in those

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New Research: Backlinks Still Matter if You Want to Rank in Google

I’ve had this love-hate relationship with Google.  I am NOT a Google expert and my Google expert friends are always telling me to focus on content and writing for the reader.  Yet, I’ve always

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How to Close Sales Despite the Holidays

How would YOU like to close sales?in the next 8 weeks? I’m going to get straight to the point. ?There are sales in your pipeline right now that are just BEGGING to be closed and you?haven’t

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How to Use Twitter to Fill Your Funnel, Build Loyal Relationships and Sell More Stuff

Twitter holds real value for your business and gaining followers has far more importance than just increasing a number. But if your Twitter account isn’t follow-worthy, then the benefits you’ll

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How To Create Easy Email Marketing Campaigns For Your Business on MailChimp

Small business marketing encompasses a lot of different things, but one thing you should be doing is collecting your customer?s email addresses. I know what you?re going to ask next, ?Why is this so important?

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A Simple Re-engagement Email Strategy For Small Business Owners

One of the recently conducted surveys stated that email marketers lose 25% of their email list every year. Sounds like cacophony, isn?t it? For ample reasons, subscribers? stop engaging with your brand

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How to Set Up a Quiz to Use on Your Web Site

From the last time we met, we went over what interactive content was, types of interactive content, how the quiz was one of the most innovative, and briefly, how to create your own quiz. Today,

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5 Lead Generation Measurements That Will Grow Your Business

If you don’t have a lead generation system, your business is in danger. ?Growing a business is simple when you understand the five lead generation triggers that impact growth and profitability. The

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A Cool New Way to Generate Hyper-Engaged Leads From Your Website

  Did you know that 70% of marketers plan to increase the amount of content they produce in the coming year? That means more higher quality content meant to attract, inform and engage audiences. Unfortunately,

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Ask Me Anything: HELP My Retail Store Traffic is DOWN!

Question: “I decided to move to a new location, in a town nearby where I live. There are (25,000)? people who live within 3 miles of the town and I am the only women’s apparel store here.

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