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You Had Them At Hello: Never Write Another Proposal

Proposals are a waste of time How many proposals do you write each month? ?How many turn into new business? I stopped doing proposals about three months after starting my business. ?The whole experience

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How to Prepare for a Trade Show

Trade shows can be a great way to connect with clients, prospects and referral partners. It?s good to ?be seen? and to see what?s out there. However, if not handled well, a trade show can be an expensive

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Ignoring LinkedIn? Go Ahead, But You?ll Regret it ? Here are 11 LinkedIn Tips to Power Up Your Networking

Are you a small business owner with a less than complete LinkedIn profile? ?You have your reasons; I get it, it takes too much time, it doesn’t make you any money, blah, blah, blah. ?All I have

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7 Reasons You Can?t Close A Sale To Save Your Life

When you are trying to close sales for your small business, you need to remember that you do not have the resources of a massive corporation. However, you do have the resource of time on your side. A

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10 Great Articles With Creative Lead Generating Ideas

It might be a little early for this – but you’re probably starting to think about how you can improve your existing lead generation strategies for next year. Rather than overwhelm you with

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6 Facts About Customers Everyone Thinks Are True – And Some Marketing Ideas to Overcome Them

  Photo courtesy of a_whisper_of_unremitting_demand(CC Attribution) Well, not so right. ?Our brains are really good at creating stories and meanings that sometimes get in the way of our success.

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Stop Guessing ? Just Ask Your Customers ? Here?s a List of Questions

If you’re wondering what program, product or service to launch next — stop guessing and do a quick survey! Maybe you’re stumped about what questions to ask on your customer survey.

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Are Facebook Contests A Lead Generation Strategy for YOUR Business?

I?ve known about Facebook contests for years.? I mean a lot of years.? They are a terrific way to engage your audience, build your fan base and, of course, generate leads and build your list.? Who doesn?t

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