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How to Create Explainer Videos That Can Get You New Customers

About ten ago, I saw a statistic that said that 68% of your customers have no idea why they should choose to work with you. Don?t ask me where I saw this, but it stuck. Today, I think that number is much,

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Stop Doing These Marketing Activities and Watch Your Business Grow

The first time ?my husband and I were in Las Vegas, we walked up to a slot machine, put in a dollar, pressed the button and?..NOTHING. ?That?s when I said ?THIS is why I hate gambling, you give it money,

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Collect Testimonials And Get Your Customers To Fall In Love With You All Over Again

There are an absolute ton of articles out there on how to make your customer fall in love with you. Today, I?d like to take this one step further and talk about testimonials. Testimonials actually serve

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Creative Offline Marketing Trends and Tips for Retailers in 2015

?Dear Ivana ? I run a small retail business that has been fighting for its life. I?m in a great location, but I just don?t know how to compete with the big box stores. I?ve tried advertising in

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You Need to Drop Everything to See What Ikea’s Done Now!

  Have you been ignoring the power of print? I quit printing about a year or so ago. ?And you won’t believe why. ?The printer I have is so complicated with so many bells and whistles that it

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You Don’t Need an MBA to be a Successful Entrepreneur

  I can’t think of a better example of the DIYMarketers mindset than Barbara Corcoran’s quote here. As I travel to New York City for the Entrepreneur Magazine Event #Ready2Launch sponsored

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How to Take Your Website Mobile with Just One Click

  According to?e-Marketer, There are many factors to consider. ?Is the existing website driving business? If the website is poorly built to begin with or is weak, having a mobile site may not have

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