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Grammarly Makes it Easy to Write Without Error

We’ve all heard the expression “content is king.” That’s never been more true than in the marketing business. But behind that content are the writers who put the words to paper

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8 Digital Marketing Measurements You Need to Pay Attention To (And How To Master Them)

“How’s your online marketing going?” Has anyone ever asked you that question? Would you know how to answer it? If not, don’t worry — you’re not alone. The Internet is vast and complex,

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Struggling with Managing Guest Posts? Try Submittable

Those of us in the marketing realm are always looking for new tools that will help us improve business, reach our ideal audience and make life easier. Blogging has become a crucial marketing tool for businesses.

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Best Survey Tools for Small Business

Every year hundreds of thousands of small business owners throw in the towel on their business – and their dream dies. Sure — there are all these studies about WHY these businesses failed,

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3 Low Cost Productivity Tools You Can’t Live Without

When running your business as a DIY marketer, time is of the essence? in everything we do! With that being said, at South Street & Co., we like to run our business well and efficiently. We don?t waste

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9 Twitter Analytics & Statistics Tools You May Not Have Tried Yet

Building a strong Twitter following involves a lot of strategies, including timely and engaging posts, promoting yourself and your brand, and much more. But another strategy that’s vital is gathering

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Don’t Jump Into an SEO Strategy Without Reading This First

When I first started DIYMarketers I didn’t think much about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). ?I knew it was important, and it seemed like it was too complicated for me. ?Honestly, I didn’t

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The Best Free and Low-Cost DIY Logo Design Platforms

After writing your business plan and naming your business, a logo is an important step in giving your brand credibility and developing your company?s identity. It can be difficult and overwhelming to create

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Trends, Tips and Tools for a Killer Video Email Marketing Strategy

If you use email to connect with, engage with and sell to your audience, you?ll want to lean into this article because email is about to get a whole lot more interesting. The Trend Toward Video Email

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Top Tool Tuesday: Time Trackers and Time Savers

Time — it’s the?great equalizer. ?No matter who you are, how much money or influence you have — we all have the same amount. ?You have as much time as Oprah, as much time as Richard Branson

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