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Are You Secretly Overwhelmed by Social Media?

It’s OK. No one is watching you here. ?It’s completely safe to say that you’re overwhelmed by social media. ?You are not alone. ?I’ll be that you sometimes feel like a smoker stranded

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News Release – Campaigner: A New Resource for Email Marketing

I received this news release from the folks at ?This is a new service (to me) and according to the chart they have comparing their pricing to

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Doodle?s Approach to Online Scheduling

Image via CrunchBase   I’ve written about Tungle, the online scheduling tool and that article prompted Brandon Watts, an evangelist for Doodle to contact me and let me know about HIS

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Send in Your Quick Tips

DIYMarketers is in search of you simplest and easiest tips to include and turn into articles and videos. Videos are HOT HOT HOT! ?Everyone says you should do videos to market your business. ?I’ve

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Sales Force Automation and CRM, a Match Made in Heaven

One of my goals at DIYMarketers is to make sure that you know about some of the cool tools out there that will help you get and keep loyal profitable customers. ?Today, I’ve got a guest post from

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Is a Virtual Phone Service Right For You?

I received this article from Kevin Baker, my1voice Product Marketing Manager for Protus ( ? He outlines a wonderful new voice communications tool that can help your small business look

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DIY Task List: Small but Powerful Things You Can Do Today to Promote Yourself

Are you so busy creating content for your blog that you’re missing out on those simple things that can really make a difference in building your community? ?Take the next 30 minutes and do these

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Selling to Small Business Blog is a Great Resource for DIY Marketing

One of the things you can expect from DIYMarketers are periodic reviews of tools and resources that you’ll find helpful in selling to small businesses. We all have a long list of blogs and articles

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The 5 Minute Get it Done Plan

Here’s a 5-Minute Marketing Plan Process that you can run every day.? It might feel rather strange at first, but I promise you if you start your day with these questions and end your day with a

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How to Get Referrals that Turn Into Ideal Customers

I took a class on building a referral system a few years ago and had a major epiphany: Referrals are not supposed to be a surprise! They are not something you hope for. Referrals are not some magical

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