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17 Things to Say No to in Marketing in 2017

The world of marketing is all about adaptation.The global business world is a highly competitive one and businesses that get too attached to their marketing strategies will lose customers and ultimately,

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The Marketing Minimalist Manifesto – How to Focus on What Matters

Complexity does not equal smart. Simplicity is smart. It’s easy. Marketing Minimalism is the new way to simplify your business and your life as a small business owner. No, customers aren’t spontaneously

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Small Business Marketing Week in Review: How to Get More Customers in 2017

LinkedIn Tips, Invoice Master Tips, Marketing Automation, SMB Facebook Spend Revealed In this week’s small business marketing review, we’ll bust a common myth that’s keeping you from

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4 Work Styles to Help You Get More Done

At Glip we?re all about finding better ways to collaborate and communicate at work, so everyone can be more productive. We also understand that sometimes you need to tune out and focus on an important

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3 Ways You?ll Boost Your Business by Letting Your Team Work Remotely

Despite Yahoo!?s famous decision to discontinue the ability for employees to work from home, the remote work trend is inescapable for most companies looking to remain competitive.     Remote

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Are You Fumbling Your Way through Social Media Marketing? 5 Tips for Small Business Owners

By now you’ve heard all the buzz about social media being an integral part of today’s marketing plans. You may even be congratulating yourself for starting Facebook and Twitter pages. But if

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It Did WHAT? The Inside Scoop on How to Get a Verified Account on Twitter

These days, just about everyone, including businesses have social accounts. In fact, its almost looked down on if you don?t! One of the more popular websites besides Facebook is Twitter. Both social sites

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Will the LinkedIn and Microsoft Merger Streamline Your Selling Process?

If you haven’t heard already, Microsoft is buying LinkedIn. ?Here are the basics of the deal: Under the agreement the two companies announced Monday, LinkedIn will continue to operate independently,

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4 Reasons Why Mobile Marketing Is Important

Mobile marketing isn?t the next biggest thing; it is the biggest thing. ?Still have doubts? That?s ok, there?s proof. Of course you hear the social media in crowd talking about how important their role

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Video Marketing Tips for Small Business

Yes – You Need to Start Using Video — TODAY For years now you’ve been hearing that video marketing for small business is on the rise. ?If you’ve been ignoring this trend?for a variety

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