The way that I know that I’m using the right marketing calendar tool is when I do my best to replace it and can’t find an alternative — at any price.

How I Save Time on Social Media Campaigns

I run a content marketing strategy. That means that I spend the bulk of my time and marketing efforts creating and promoting that content on social media and managing an editorial calendar — all by myself.

Social media campaigns are my second highest sources of traffic. Because I have several social profiles, social media posts can get unwieldy, confusing and overwhelming. In fact, social media management could easily be a full time job. This is why scheduling social media using a social media management tool is insanely important.

Granted, it’s a lot to ask any one social media tool to manage all my scheduled post, marketing campaigns, and social media marketing — all for less than $50 per month.  Well, what can I say?

CoSchedule is that marketing tool.

CoSchedule home page the all in one place marketing calendar

You Need an Marketing Calendar Tool Like CoSchedule to Promote Blog Posts on Social Media

Let’s get one thing straight. social media doesn’t sleep, but you have to.  This is where using CoSchedule to promote your blog posts is a must.

Instead of posting your social media posts willy nilly, consider creating social media campaigns that are intentional and leverage your social profiles.

What is CoSchedule?

CoSchedule is a marketing calendar platform and social media marketing tool that serves as an editorial calendar, social media scheduling tool and content management system. In other words, CoSchedule makes it easy for you to post social content and evergreen content across all of your social profiles and all in one place.

I’ve been using CoSchedule since they launched in 2013. When I asked my CoSchedule friends what they think is the best thing about their platform, they all say “the all in one editorial calendar” and “team workflow management”. I disagree.

CoSchedule is the ONLY digital marketing and marketing calendar tool that allows you to schedule and promote your blog posts across all your social media accounts from one place.

CoSchedule is both an online platform as well as a WordPress plugin.

This is ideal for those folks who are solopreneurs who also have an outsourced team helping with collaboration.

A shot of the CoSchedule plugin on WordPress

A Collaborative Editorial Calendar in One Place

coschedule shot of filled marketing calendar
CoSchedule calendar showing view social messages features

7 Critical Social Media Marketing Functions ONLY CoSchedule Can Do

There are several unsung features that make CoSchedule so good.They’ve become the obvious (and only choice) for anyone who is a solopreneur and doesn’t have the time or the resources to devote to promoting their content on social media 24/7.

1. Schedule a blog post and social media campaign in 10 minutes.

In 2013, CoSchedule launched its editorial calendar with one simple function — the ability to schedule a social media campaign for blog post BEFORE it’s published.

I bet you probably thought there were lots of social media platforms that could do this. Nope.

No other editorial calendar allows you to streamline this blog post and social media campaign process. NONE.

CoSchedule’s Secret Weapon is its magical permalink technology that allows you to write blog posts, schedule them in your editorial calendar and create an entire social media campaign in one sitting.  

Once the blog post goes live – your social media campaign will run without your having to do anything else.

coschedule review permalink social helper

You’ll want to check this blog article and download the social media posting bundle — this will save you weeks of headaches.  Just use their templates to create your own social media campaign template.

2. Upload blog posts from Evernote or Google Docs with loads of images directly to WordPress.

Google documents are awesome, except for one flaw — it’s extremely difficult to download images directly from a document.  You need to use an add-on to download those images or you will need to take a screenshot of each image.  Both options are time-consuming.

Luckily, CoSchedule allows you to upload blog posts from either Evernote or Google Docs and get this — it uploads the images too! This, my friends, is worth the price of admission.  This one feature alone has saved me at least an hour at the keyboard every time I have to publish blog posts. Coschedule is simply the best editorial calendar  tool for promoting your blog posts.

CoSchedule review - upload Google Doc and convert to wordpress

3. Create a “bank” of campaigns to promote specific events

Here’s what makes marketing so difficult these days — the most successful campaigns are a mix of content, emails, social media, and events all strategically spaced out in your marketing calendar.  If you’ve tried to manage all of those things manually, you know how difficult it can be.

Using CoSchedule’s social campaigns and social templates features, you can map out a successful blog campaign; everything from social shares, to emails to blog articles and save them in a single calendar.  Whenever it’s time to launch the campaign, you open up the templates, update the content and press “apply”.

This is yet another feature that has saved me — not hours, but days!  Granted, we had to come up with a campaign and flow we were happy with, but having the entire thing saved as a campaign and on the shelf is priceless.

It’s the only content management tool that creates systems so easily.

4. Recycle older blog content for an extra boost.

If you haven’t had the chance to write a new blog post today – no problem, go into CoSchedule analytics. Pick an “older” article, use your social template and in 10 minutes, you’re promoting a rerun of a great piece of content across your calendar.

5. Post directly to Instagram

CoSchedule review - schedule directly to Instagram via Buffer

I’m not sure if CoSchedule is the only tool that can do this. Let’s just say it’s the only tool I’ve run into that does this easily.  Other platforms say they post to Instagram, but what they do is push a reminder to your mobile device and then you have to do it yourself.  CoSchedule has this function as well, if that’s how you want to do it.

AND — since CoSchedule integrates and plays so nicely with Buffer, you can set CoSchedule to post directly to Instagram, without any additional action from you.

6. The headline analyzer helps you create clickable, traffic-driving clickable headlines and engaging social shares

CoSchedule Review - Headline Optimizer to get more clicks and drive traffic

One of CoSchedule’s growth strategies was to create insanely-useful tools to improve your content marketing. The CoSchedule headline analyzer, email tester and social media optimizer are three tools that will help make you a content sharing pro.  

Simply brainstorm a series of headlines (you really should do about 25) and then paste them into any of the analyzers.  You’ll get a “grade” from 1-100 as to the overall quality of the headline, subject line or social share  and a little assessment that will tell you how you can improve.

Use CoSchedule to optimize your email subject lines with the CoSchedule Email Subject Line Tester

Improve your email marketing ROI by improving your email open and click through rates. Simply enter a potential email subject line and the email headline tester will score it and tell you where you can improve.

Coschedule email marketing subject line analyzer

7. Run your MailChimp email campaigns directly from CoSchedule

When you’re promoting your content, don’t forget about email.  Your audience isn’t sitting on your web site waiting for you to publish something.  The best way to get your content in front of your customers and prospects is to do it via email.

CoSchedule integrates with several popular email platforms; Active Campaign, Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor and Hubspot (but those are “read-only”) meaning that once you’ve connected these platforms, you will SEE the campaigns, but you won’t be able to edit them.

CoSchedule Review, content marketing tool, Integration with MailChimp to promote content with email

MailChimp, on the other hand, is fully integrated with CoSchedule. This means that you can create and schedule emails in MailChimp the same way that you can create, edit and promote content on WordPress.  This feature is only available with the Marketing Suite Plan.

Using CoSchedule Saves Valuable Time

coschedule review, social media, time saved

It took me a while to figure out how CoSchedule thinks. At first, I focused on task management, when I should have been focused on creating and promoting the content. Once I shifted how I approached project management on CoSchedule, I was able to save almost 20 years per week!

CoSchedule Pricing

The CoSchedule Team is always looking at how to improve their offer and pricing. Over the last few years, they’ve really simplified their pricing structure — and it’s ideal for small business!

CoSchedule Pricing and breakdown of time management and marketing tools

Unless you’re an agency or a large business organization, the Marketing Calendar offer will do just fine. You can choose either monthly ($39 per month) or annual pricing ($29 per month billed annually).

You can start using CoSchedule right away with a 14 day free trial with NO credit card required.

Features You’ll Love When You Use CoSchedule

  • All in one place marketing calendar. All of your work in one place. Everything from posts to tasks, ideas, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.
  • Social templates. THIS is the big time saving feature! You can create templates for any type of campaign and when it’s time to run it, just fill out the form and click “apply”.
  • Requeue feature: This great feature allows you to select social posts that you’re going to promote on an ongoing basis and CoSchedule will fill in any scheduling gaps.
  • Drag and drop scheduling. Quickly and easily move posts from one day to another.
  • Analytics. Watch the performance of your project, what posts generate the most engagement and the best time to post.
  • Integrations. Use CoSchedule to integrate easily with all of your existing tools such as Buffer, Google, Dropbox, Evernote, Zapier, Hubspot, MailChimp, and more.
  • Run email marketing for your business. MailChimp, Hubspot and Active Campaign users can directly integrate with CoSchedule to send business emails. And, with a Zapier integration, you can connect to any other email tool as well.
  • Ease of Use. You are going to love how easy it is to use these toils. The system is very user-friendly. You’re also going to love the great resource library that includes tools, and dome-for-you campaigns.
  • Customer service. CoSchedule’s customer service is outstanding. They have a helpful chat feature in the corner of every screen and they can help you with any technical challenges on the spot.

Things You Might Find Challenging

  • Thinking in terms of campaigns. This was really my biggest challenge. Instead of thinking in terms of bits and pieces, you have to always focus on your goal like; drive registrations to a webinar. Then put the pieces in place that will drive traffic and engagement.
  • Collaboration. If you’re going to be collaborating with outside team members, you’ll love the ability to collaborate, but you’re not going to like the learning curve. Although the CoSchedule team has tutorials and videos inside their Getting Started Guide.
  • Converting your entire process. There are so many wonderful project management features, that you’ll want to use all of them at once. But this can be overwhelming. Instead, use one feature such as blog promotional campaigns and then move on to other things such as social media management and requeue.

CoSchedule is a Marketing Team on Your Computer

Whenever people ask me how I’m able to publish and promote so much content, I secretly smile and wait — then I tell them that it’s all CoSchedule.

While CoSchedule is a great content management tool for marketing teams — it’s a vital tool for solopreneurs and DIY marketers.  Using the social templates to pre-schedule posts across your calendar and promotions will save you at least two hours for every piece of content.  And that is worth the price of admission.