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Delete WordPress Tags Easily

You Won’t Believe How I Saved Myself 2 Hours of Busywork!

marketing tools, wordpress, delete tags

Since 2008, DIYMarketers has accumulated more than 100 tags — that averaged about one use per article! ?What was I thinking? ?Clearly I wasn’t thinking and today is the day I clean it up.

Is there a plugin for that?

My typical response is to get out there and pull a plugin to help me do anything in WordPress. ?But guess what! ?You don’t need a plugin for this baby – all you need is to know this simple trick.

tools, wordpress, tag


This will show all your tags on a single page!

All you have to do now is “select all” and then “Edit” and apply the bulk action of “delete” !

Boom — this took all of about 60 seconds.


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