In the Marketing Game of Thrones — Content is Still King

If you haven’t been following the HBO drama Game of Thrones, here’s the condensed version; several noble families vie for the throne of the Seven Kingdoms; some aspire to win the throne using money and power, others through black magic, and another still by winning the hearts and minds of slaves.

In a lot of ways — in the marketing game of thrones — content is still king. But so much has changed and is continuing to change in the world of content.

Recently, I was interviewed by the folks at Marketo, the top of the line marketing automation platform (especially for B2B marketers).

They reached out to me about a month or so ago asking me about the significance of titles for articles. Here’s what I said:


Once you have your audience identified and campaign goals set, you need to settle on exact titles for your content pieces. This seemingly small detail is important create it with care. Ivana Taylor, Marketing Strategist for (@DIYMarketers) knows that small businesses need to get crafty (and even wacky) with titles.

?Extreme content and extreme headlines consistently deliver the desired result stop, read, click. In fact, talk to any successful online marketer and they will tell you that fancy ?Madison Avenue? headlines might be great for brands with millions to spend, but they don’t come close to the conversion results that come from interesting, intriguing, and even cheesy headlines.

Taylor explains that function has shaped the form of current headlines, as our content went digital, the money was in clicks and conversions; click to read the story, click on an ad, buy something. By definition, this new incentive is going to change the tone and flavor of a headline.

Taylor does admit that while most headlines are awful,? they do achieve the desired result ?they get us to stop, read, and click.

But I wasn’t the only expert they talked to — nor were article titles the only thing mentioned in this article — read the full article here and see:

  • How to tailor your message to the sophistication level of the consumer
  • How to successfully use humor to take your content viral
  • Best content practices to get the most for your effort
  • How to create just the right content for each platform