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Do-It-Yourself Marketers Unite!

If you find yourself with the responsibility of doing the marketing for your organization and you’re feeling a little uncertain at best, and maybe even a little overwhelmed or freaked out a what that means aside from managing some trade shows or advertising — relax. You are in the right place.

DIY Marketers is a place where you’ll find our Practical Marketing Geniuses Certification Course: the best way to get up and running on building your magnetic marketing system that will get and keep loyal, wonderful customers – regardless of price.

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Ivana Taylor is the publisher of She ranked #21 out of 30,000 influential people on the Internet in Fast Company. Ivana is also one of D&B Top SMB Influencers. She is the book editor for Small Business Trends, a contributing author to AMEX Open Forum and has appeared on MSNBC.

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