Email marketing will increase sales if you are using email in a way that supports your overall marketing strategy.

Email is NOT a Strategy — It’s a Tactic That Supports Your Strategy

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If you really want a breakthrough around using email marketing to increase sales — stop thinking about email marketing as a strategy.

Instead, think of it as a tactic that supports your marketing strategy.  

How to use email to support your direct marketing

If you’re selling directly to customers with sales people, seminars, webinars, the emails you send should support the selling process.

The best way for emails to sell your product or service is to use email content to help your customers understand and choose your product or service over others.  Include comparisons, testimonials, case studies. Encourage email recipients to respond with their questions.

email example for direct marketing

How to use email marketing to support your content strategy

If you’re using content marketing to sell your product, your emails should be focused on driving readers to your content.

Typically, content marketers will send emails promoting a blog article, guide or video. 

email example for content marketing strategy


How to use email to support your paid advertising strategy

If you’re using paid advertising to promote your product or service, emails are a great way to keep prospects in the funnel.  

It may not seem obvious, but email plays a critical role in supporting your Facebook, Google and other sponsored ads.

Here’s an example:

This Facebook Ad: 

Facebook ad that initiated email marketing campaign


After clicking on this ad and exploring the website, I received a series of emails along this line:

email example for paid advertising


This company has been sending me weekly emails and specials to inspire me to buy.  Even though this company sells wine online, they are using their online ads like billboards, my visit to the site as my visit to the store and the emails serve like a sales rep, educating me and nudging me toward a purchase.

Research Shows Email Marketing Works

Email marketing has already been proven as one of the reliable modes of marketing across the globe. HubSpot specifically mentions that “59 percent of respondents say marketing emails influence their purchase decisions.” That is well more than half of the customers.

Also, as per another finding, almost 93% of B2B marketers use email for distributing the content. Thus proving, you need to follow specific approaches to reap the best results of email marketing.

For a small or mid-sized business, email marketing is an affordable mode as compared to other forms of marketing. Almost 26% of the SMBs stated they used email marketing to increase sales.

In the industry, it’s a tough challenge for SMB’s to attract the right customer, by outsmarting the large enterprises. You need to follow some of the best combined approaches to help you to gain a large market share.

Below are some of the essential takeaways that would help you as a marketer to implement in your sales increasing email marketing campaign:

Find Your Target Audience

You have to do thorough research to find out your target audience. Remember, without that, your entire email marketing campaign would fail miserably.

When you have a precise idea about your target audience, then it becomes easier to craft email aligned with their requirements. These emails are termed as personalized emails. It helps in making the right connection with the customers.

You must know when starting any business conversation with a prospect, your sales pitch should revolve around the benefits of your service or product and how it is going to make their life easier. This would help in the right communication process leading to more sales.

Develop Welcome Emails

Welcome emails are sent to the customers, just after they sign up for your newsletter, or other forms of content. It helps to keep the conversation open with the customer to keep them coming back for more service. In many cases, businesses offer some discounts or gifts in their next purchase, to hold on to the customer. Some of the companies share how the brand works, to impress the customers with their service.

Developing welcome emails would just need some creativity, tactic, and the right engaging content. Every small and mid-sized business can develop this practice to send emails.

In the below example, you can find Airbnb, a company based out of California, crafted a well-designed welcome email, and shared the benefits:

welcome email example airbnb

This email example has very unique, visual, and happy images that can leave an everlasting impact on the reader’s mind.

Design Emails that are Short and Precise

Most of the prospectsdo not have the time to read lengthy emails. So, you should develop emails that convey the message in a short and precise way. This would help you in the right engagement process.

Keep in mind, although email has to be short, but it should also be enjoyable.

This is essential as a bland email without any new information does not help in holding the attention of the prospect. Most of these customers would be already bombarded with innumerable promotional emails, so your email should have that stand out feature compelling them to open and read the email. When this process is executed properly, then half of your job is done. In the later part of the email,you can prompt them to take the right CTA.

Include a Strong Call to Action

A strong Call to Action in an email would make your task easier.

Do you know a considerable number of recipients might open the email to have a quick glance?

So, how do you attract their attention to the right place?

All these questions have one answer, adding a P.S note at the end of the email. A P.S note or the Post Scriptum note helps to understand the reader, the complete message of the email. It would then help them to take the right CTA.

In the below email example, you can find the same:



Here, you can see how the brand is motivating the reader to take the free trial.

Send Card Abandonment Emails

Cart abandonment emails should be a mandatory part of your email marketing strategy.

How can you afford to forget these prospects who dropped out the last moment?

Send them a nicely designed email to remind them of their favorite products. Create an urgency in the message such as “limited offer,” “last stock available,” etc. There are high chances, they would give second thoughts on it and purchase the product this time.

check out this example:

The terms, “almost sold out,” “grab it now” in the email could motivate the customer to complete the purchase process.

Here’s another example of cart abandonment email is:

Wix abandoned cart email example.

As you can see, the brand is motivating the prospect to complete the purchase subtly. The message,” we noticed you left something on the cart,” is a reminder for the prospect.

Craft a Strong Subject Line

The above quote is spot on!!!!

We should make every subject line interesting and exciting,so the prospect gets the right adrenaline rush of expecting something more enticing in the email content.

Follow Up With Existing Customers

Many customers have a monthly requirement of a specific product. For example, they might need some beauty supplements, baby products, etc. In such cases, following up with these customers can help you to boost sales.

You can attract them by showing the product which they purchased before. Some of them might end up purchasing, even if they do not need it immediately. These customers might also purchase the products with higher prices, for trying out something new.

So, indirectly you would upsell!!!!

As per marketing metrics:

“The probability of selling to a new prospect is 5-20%, while the probability of selling to an existing customer is 60-70%.” ~

So, this proves, as a brand, you should give equal importance to your existing as well as new customers.

  1. Split Testing:

As a marketer, you would have executed split testing of emails. It is necessary if you want to see which of the designed email works to increase sales. It would also save your time as you could see the actual results in front of you. The right permutation and combination of emails can help you in:

  1. Better understanding of the needs of the customer
  2. Knowing the click-rate and open rate of each email

Having a clear idea helps you to develop the right strategy and include emails with the right subject line, content, images, etc. for attracting the prospects. This would incredibly boost the sales at the right time.

Now, isn’t that mission accomplished as a marketer?

  1. Landing Page and Email:

Email marketing and landing page are a useful combination.

Let’s understand how?

As you know,landing pages are the promotional pages specifically designed to advertise your service or product. They are curated with the right content and images to convince the customers of the best quality service. Now, as you have to link both landing pages and email, the content of the email is also designed to match the message of the landing page.

While sending emails, ensure the landing page link is added in the email so that all the recipients who receive email can go through the landing page as well.

Below you can find an example of this combination:

This picture shows marketers how uses an email post-click landing page to collect email addresses and generate more leads.


  1. Email marketing with social media:

Email marketing and social media is also one of the useful combinations. With the popularity of different social media networks, it has become essential to integrate both of these, to increase the sales number.

As per a Statistareport, almost 79% of thepopulation in USA is using social media.

This would increase in the coming years. As a marketer, you should see this as an opportunity and make the best use of it to reach a significant number of audience. You have to follow the best tactics while combining these two modes, and use the positive attributes of both the modes.

As email marketing is mainly known for its quality and educational content, and social media for its entertaining and visual content, make both available to your audience with the help of these modes.

While sending emails to the recipients, you can add the social buttons in the email. This would help the recipient in viewing the content that you post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. You can organize contests, so that the recipients participate and also ask others to so. This is called as one of the push strategies, where you aggressively promote your product to a broader range of customers through contests and games. The approach can make your promotion go viral.

Kath Pay, CEO of Holistic email marketing, a company based out of London once stated:

“Email is a push channel, so we need to push it to work harder.”


Email marketing enables the best communication process with a prospect. It is even one of the cheaper and effective modes of communication for the small and medium-sized businesses. So, you should implement the right tactics that would help your business to increase the sales in a short span.

The above blog clearly explains some useful tactics that could serve as a guide for your email marketing campaign and convincingly help you to increase the sales and revenue.