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I’ve written about Tungle, the online scheduling tool and that article prompted Brandon Watts, an evangelist for Doodle to contact me and let me know about HIS favorite scheduling tool. As a result of that connection, I was lucky enough to get this wonderful guest post from the CEO of Doodle, Michael Naef.

Read his outline of what makes Doodle your next favorite scheduling tool. If you’ve tried both Tungle and Doodle – which is YOUR fave and why.

As the CEO of an online scheduling company called Doodle, I’m very familiar with the pain that many of us deal with when it comes to trying to schedule meetings. In fact, it’s that pain that compelled me to start building a tool that simplifies the process almost seven years ago.

If you’ve ever sent seemingly endless e-mails back and forth with meeting participants in order to find a suitable time that works for everyone, then you know from firsthand experience how difficult the process can be. Many times you spend more time scheduling the meeting than you do attending the meeting. In fact, we did a study last year which revealed that managers and administrative staff spend almost five hours per week arranging meetings. Five hours! Just think about how much more productive you could be if you weren?t spending so much time simply scheduling a time to talk and get together.

There are a lot of different online scheduling solutions that are out there today, but at Doodle, our approach to tackling the scheduling challenge reflects the fact that we think these three qualities should be a part of an online scheduling tool:

Usability – Doodle doesn’t require you to create an account, so getting started is quick and easy. We want to make scheduling as simple as possible and not offer a tool that ends up complicating the process instead of streamlining it. If a user wants to go a step further, we offer a free account, Premium Doodle for individuals, and Branded Doodle for businesses to make scheduling even easier and more personal. All of these account options have been built with simplicity in mind since that’s our primary focus.

Flexibility – Sometimes you may just need to schedule a meeting with one other person, but in other instances, you may need to get together with three, five, ten, or more individuals at once, and since Doodle doesn’t have a limit on the amount of people that can be a part of the scheduling process, the tool is guaranteed to work with whatever size group you’re working with. When more busy people are needed for an event, an efficient online scheduling tool becomes even more crucial.

Transparency – With just one look at Doodle you can quickly see when everyone is available and find a time that works best for the group. Having everything visible in one place makes quick work of a task that can steal your time if you’re not careful.

I’d like to invite you to take a look at what we’re doing with online scheduling at Doodle and let us know what you think. Together we can save time and increase productivity while having fun doing it.

Michael Naef is the CEO of Doodle, which is the world?s leading online scheduling tool. Doodle is based in Zurich, Switzerland and is used by more than five million people per month.

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