I had lunch with one of my favorite marketing and SEO experts today and the word on the street is that if you want to get found and chosen — you’d better be active on the internet on a daily basis.

Google’s new Caffeine indexing system is going to reward fresh content and content from social media channels in addition to standard web content, inbound and outbound links.

What that means to all of you that have been stalled because you’re not sure what to do or not to do about social media — get off your butts and do the following:

  1. START A BLOG: Yes I’m screaming this for the umpteenth time. Don’t over-analyze it. Click over to WordPress.com and start posting informative and educational content about your product or service. Don’t put it off another day. Every day you wait – a target customer is choosing the competitor that didn’t.
  2. Post at least 3 times per week: You should post fresh content at least 3 days a week. Yes, it’s time intensive, but so is finding a new customer.
  3. Find creative ways to use Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIN: Google is indexing every Tweet that crosses it’s plane. People who tweet, get indexed especially for key words.
  4. Know your key words. Google has a wonderful Google Keyword Analyzer and it’s FREE. Check it out: Head over to Google AdWords and play with some keywords NOW. Another of my favorite keyword tools is Market Samurai — they are offering a FREE download right now and you should grab it — because I actually paid $65 for it a year or so ago.
  5. Post on your blog first – then spread the post around social media day after day! That’s my secret tip from the SEO guy. I know that you might have this automated ability to Tweet your posts to Facebook and Twitter from WordPress and that is what it is. But if you can space those puppies out – you will build your audience and Google will show you love.

That’s all for my word on the street report today!

What other news do you have? Share it with the group!

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