No marketing BS Here — I Promise!

It seems that a new social media tool or channel is introduced every other day and before you know it, every marketing guru and expert on the planet is telling you that it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread and that if you don’t figure out how to use it TODAY, you’re going to be left in the dirt and go out of business. (That’s a crock)

Meanwhile you’re left there staring at a mountain of marketing strategies wondering how in the world you’re going to make them work for your business. In the end you wind up:

  • Overwhelm SUCKS

    Welcome to overwhelm. Yeah - it sucks both figuratively and literally. Overwhelm makes you feel helpless and stuck in doing things that don’t make a difference. Overwhelm has you look busy or it paralyzes you to the point of not doing anything at all. The result of both of these extremes is a giant sucking sound of time, money, effort and most regrettably the enthusiasm for the business that you built out of a passion and love for who you are and what you do. (This IS the truth -- and that’s what really sucks)

  • Give up overwhelm for focus

    I know what you’re thinking “Easy for you to say! You’re one of those marketing experts.” Well, I’ll admit that it’s easy for me to say TODAY, but it wasn’t always that easy. I’ve been where you are. After all -- I didn’t have the internet, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and all the rest of this new marketing stuff when I launched my business. I had to try them, learn, fail and ultimately succeed. And what brought me the MOST success was throwing everything I was “SUPPOSED” to do out the window and focusing on ME and how I loved to spend my time. After all, if I was going to build a million dollar business I would be spending a lot of time working on it, so it had better be doing something I loved to do. In my case this turned out to be; Speaking, Writing and interacting on the computer.

  • What you love to do gets done

    As I ran into more and more business owners who told me they were overwhelmed with all these marketing strategies, I started asking them questions to find out who they were and what they liked to do and what they were trying to accomplish with their marketing. And then we started putting together marketing strategies that fit perfectly inside of their personality and work style. Suddenly, they were actually DOING marketing EFFORTLESSLY. It just happened for them. And the best part was that it didn’t FEEL like work, it didn’t FEEL hard and it was actually FUN to do-- all they did was match their personality to the marketing strategy and VOILA! They were running their chosen marketing strategies like real pros.

  • 3 Minutes – 1 Marketing Personality – 3 Strategies — No Overwhelm

    You can get rid of all that overwhelm inside of 3 minutes! That’s how long it’s going to take you to do my marketing personality test. Just answer 25 short questions and you’ll get a FREE report that will reveal your marketing personality style, your work style, your strengths and those pesky quirks that can sidetrack you away from your marketing goals. Best of all, I’m going to give you your top 3 marketing strategies that will put you on focus and help you achieve your marketing goals.