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What business niche do you belong to? Are you marketing or SEO specialist? Are you a creative writer looking for the ways to grow the audience and boost your revenue? In the digitalized age, you need to have a striking website that will make you more noticeable and popular. A thought-out website design can do wonders for its owners. Making it usable and easy-to-reach can play the huge impact on the user experience on your web resource.

In this publication, we are going to help you create a truly remarkable and effective writer’s website that will help you present your talent and boost revenue manifolds.

Clean Design

When it comes to building an effective writer’s website, it should be all about usability. The fatal mistake that many authors make is making their online resources cluttered and difficult-to-navigate. The visual clutter distracts the site visitors’ attention from the things that are of the top importance – the portfolio of your works and achievements.

One of the most popular mistakes that are present on the writers’ websites is the heavy use of flashing design elements, multicolored boxes, and rotating items. Lack of negative space makes it difficult to locate the most important elements on the web page. It gets difficult to emphasize headlines, CTAs, and other conversion-oriented elements. As a result, it gets difficult to guide the users’ attention to the fields of the top importance on your site.

The Freelance Health Write has a clean and minimalist web page that is really easy and intuitive to navigate. The layout doesn’t feature anything that would distract the users from becoming familiar with the writer and her works. The author’s picture and a short bio are easy to reach on the homepage. The black-and-white color scheme and a recognizable logo design make bring a professional and remarkable presentation to the web page.

The Freelance Health Write

Easy-to-Reach Contact Details

In order to receive new orders and boost your revenue, it should be easy to connect with the writer. On a website, this is made possible with the help of the easy-to-reach contact details.

Social media links, phone number, email address, and the contact form should be easy-to-reach and quick-to-find on the web page.

Sonia Quinones’ website has a separate About the author page, which lets the site visitors read some fact about the writer’s bio, skills, and working experience. CTAs are easy-to-reach at the bottom of the page. Social media buttons are also provided, welcoming the site visitors to check out the writer’s official profiles on the popular social media platforms.

Sonia Quinones

Writer’s Personality

There is an ongoing dispute whether a writer’s website should be all about the author’s personality or his professionalism. The answer is that a writer’s website should be a reflection of both. The world is changing, so do the trends and our own preferences. People are more likely to deal with those experts whom them trust and enjoy. If your personality looks luring to the audience and if people enjoy your professionalism, then they are likely to hire you for their new projects.

How to present a writer’s personality on a web page? This is not only about sharing a photo (although this is still rather important). A writer’s website should include the bio section, where the author shares his letter to the readers. The writer’s personality can find its reflection in the design patterns, colors/fonts/shapes that are used on the site.

One of the best ways to establish a better connection with the audience is to provide social media links to the official accounts of the writer on Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, etc.

Millie Lapidario has a sleek and trendy website design. The neat graphics, soft colors, short headlines, and easy-to-differentiate content blocks reveal a clean and concise presentation to the writer’s web page. The About section presents the author professionally. You can find a short bio, photo, contact details, and even user testimonials organized in the well-balanced style on the web page.

Millie Lapidario

Writer’s Portfolio

A professionally structured portfolio has a great influence on whether or not a client will hire a writer. The portfolio of publications and the recent project reveals what kind of a professional you are. This lets the web users see your style, the attitude of the users to what you highlight in your works, the popularity of your works, etc.

The way you organize your portfolio is also important. You can highlight the most successful project in a gallery or slider on the homepage of your site. You can also present your works on a separate Portfolio page, enhancing it with smart filters/categories/tags.

Lori Murray’s website has a usable yet catching portfolio presentation, which is accompanied by the intuitive sidebar navigation.

Lori Murray


Testimonials are the most valuable factor that convinces the prospects to deal with you. A carousel featuring user testimonials placed somewhere on the homepage of your site will reveal the real stories of your customers. Thanks to such pieces of content, your prospective clients can find answers to their questions, read through the pieces that appeal to their own emotions, and simply discover the way you treat your customers.

Sarah Asp Olson is a Freelance Writer & Editor. User testimonials are put front and central on the web page. In addition to the about the author section, the clean design of the web page brings the customers’ focus of attention to the reflections of other clients and their opinion about the writer’s works.

Sarah Asp Olson

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In Conclusion

There is no doubt in the fact that authors can earn more with the help of the professionally built websites. It’s up to each author to decide in what style their website will be created. It’s also up to them to select from the custom-made web solutions and ready-made web designs.

There are a number of the cool WordPress themes for authors. Using these, writers can save loads of time, money, and energy on the development of their online portfolios. Working with a ready-made theme an author can focus on content rather than the learning curve.

If you are a writer looking for the ways to grow revenue with your site, use the tips and get inspired by the examples of the impressive authors’ designs shown above. Attract crowds of the new clients receive a steady flow of the new orders.