As a business owner, your goal is to win customers and keep them. One way of doing so is by making a difference.  You need to show what moves you, what you stand for. In this episode, Stacey DePolo from GoDaddy talks about brand advocacy and she shares why it’s important for your brand to stand for a cause.

Stacey DePolo speaks and writes about brand advocacy, tribal marketing, customer experience and social media marketing strategy. Stacey is passionate about the connections between brands and customers who love them—and the causes they care about.

In this episode, you’ll learn about:

  • Brand Advocacy: Where It’s Been, Where It Is Going, and Why It Is Important
  • Building Brands Based on One Advocacy
  • Pros and Cons of Brand Activism
  • How to Discover Your Brand Advocacy
  • Steps on Taking a Stand With Your Brand


“Brand activism can take so many different forms.”

“Small business owners have been doing brand activism for a lot longer than big corporations.”

“Storytelling is so core to modern marketing.”

“There are ways to test the waters with all these data at our fingertips very easily before you have to make a big blunder.”

“The most important thing is to be consistent.”

“Don’t take a stand on every issue.”

“Using whatever tools you have to really show the alignment between your product, service offering or your tribe and the issue you are taking a stand on is really essential.”

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