If you haven’t heard already, Microsoft is buying LinkedIn. Here are the basics of the deal:

Under the agreement the two companies announced Monday, LinkedIn will continue to operate independently, and LinkedIn chief executive Jeff Weiner will report to Microsoft chief executive Satya Nadella.The’deal with Microsoft values each of LinkedIn’s shares at $196; LinkedIn’s stock rosemore than 48 percent Monday morning.read more at washingtonpost.com

And here’s a short video that will show you the mutual excitement between the brands:




Let’s cut through the corporate speak and mutual love fest and get to the nitty gritty.

LinkedIn has been on a downward slope

LinkedIn lowered its expectations for the year’s growth in revenue (from 35% to 20%) and adjusted earnings (from 41% to 7%) well below what analysts expected.

This slashed a cool $1 billion from the net worth of LinkedIn?s founder, Reid Hoffman, and forced Weiner to ponder important questions that needed to be answered before investors could?hope to recoup what they lost. Read more from TechCrunch.

Microsoft wants access to the ginormous distribution channel that is LinkedIns 433 million members.

“This combination will make it possible for new experiences such as a LinkedIn newsfeed that serves up articles based on the project you are working on and Office suggesting an expert to connect with via LinkedIn to help with a task you’re trying to complete,” says Nadella. As these experiences get more intelligent and delightful, the LinkedIn and Office 365 engagement will grow. And in turn, new opportunities will be created for monetization through individual and organization subscriptions and targeted advertising.” and Microsoft wants LinkedIn profiles to become a central identity in the workplace

As always there are those that find humor in the whole situation


What’s in it for ME – errr YOU?


But this isn’t just a story about two giants merging for mutual gain. Potentially, this merger can be a boon to time-starved, customer-hungry small business owners.

In?this NPR story by tech reporter AArti Shahani (@Aarti411) she lists some wonderful benefits that we can look forward to if this merger goes through —

What if:

  • Your LinkedIn Newsfeed could talk to your Outlook calendar and know all of the meetings you have in the next month.
  • You could see all of the news stories or articles written by or about the customers you’re meeting with.
  • You can save yourself the trouble of searching and digging across a variety of platforms to prepare for your meeting.
  • You had a digital personal assistant (Cortana) who wakes up and checks all of your meetings and tells you about the deep down connections between you and the folks you’re meeting with. The idea here is to help you uncover and create areas of commonality that save time in building rapport and relationships.
  • The help tab in PowerPoint not only had tips on how to export your presentation, but now you would have the ability to connect with people in your network who can help you with your questions or freelancers who are experts in that area.

You can do all of these things today — using tools like Nimble or Charlie, but Microsoft and LinkedIn are hoping to bring all of these benefits inside of the Microsoft platform.