Want to know the best definition of communication? I got if from a 7 year old. “Communication means taking something from your head and putting into their head.” Come to think of it this is a pretty good definition for teaching and training as well.

Here are 10 great presentation templates for teachers and trainers that will help you communicate clearly and easily.

There are a lot of different resources that make this process much easier and faster. Teachers and trainers can use interactive presentation templates or keynote templates to prepare various types of materials

Now, there is no need to surf the Internet trying to find something appropriate. You can find presentation templates, creative keynote templates in one place.

presentation template

The name of this resource is the ONE Membership. It’s an awesome web development kit. It offers you various types of presentation and keynote templates. There is a wide range of infographic elements and Google slides templates. All the mentioned items will ease your work to a great extent.

 Let’s have a look at some samples you may work with in more detail. 

PowerPoint Templates

Use the Power of Storytelling in Your Presentations

business infographic template

Storytelling is a great technique to catch and hold students’ attention. It works even better with the presentation slides designed especially for this purpose. Entorum is one of the interactive presentation templates. It contains more than 25 slides aimed at content and storytelling. Replace the demo images and textual elements with the necessary ones and use them for different presentations. What is more, you may opt for light or dark style variations to make the presentation more impressive.

Take Advantage of Various Types of Infographics

powerpoint presentation slide template

It’s difficult to overestimate the importance of infographics used in the presentations. With the help of charts and diagrams, you will be able to make complicated information more understandable for students. Moreover, there are more chances they will remember the key points you want them to know. Business Infographic Presentation PowerPoint Template is a good solution for this objective. It comes with more than 15000 slides. Among them, you will find 189 unique presentation templates to meet your requirements. 

Keynote Templates 

Add Creativity to Your Presentation

keynote template

The more creative your explanation is, the more attention you get from your students. Thus, it’s important to pay attention to this point in your presentation. Capsul Presentation Keynote Template will help you make your explanation creative and interesting. It’s a modern, multipurpose template with professionally designed slides. You will benefit from the following:

  • images and media placeholders;
  • editable charts;
  • excellent typography and usability.

Take Colors into Consideration

business keynote powerpoint template

Color choice is also important for catching and keeping the students’ attention. Therefore, it’s advisable to select appropriate color schemes for your slides. Proplan is a Business Plan Presentation Keynote Template that offers ready-made slides with various color schemes. It’s a clean and modern presentation template with:

  • 39 awesome custom slides;
  • creative keynote;
  • master slide layout;
  • drag-and-drop image replace functionality. 

Include High-Quality Pictures to Your Presentation

presentation template

Images of high quality will make the information more visually appealing. Moreover, it will be easier for your students to remember the main facts. If you worry that it may be difficult to insert some images into particular slides, use Brenna. This Keynote Template contains special Gallery and Portfolio slides to take advantage of. Besides this, you will find:

  • more than 150 slides on 5 premade colors;
  • section break slides;
  • handcrafted infographics;
  • resizable and editable graphics;
  • pixel-perfect illustrations.

Google Slides Templates

Use Google Slides to Create a Self-Guided Lesson

Google Slides Templates

A flipped classroom lesson allows students to get acquainted with new material at their own pace. Introduce such lessons into your teaching practice and use classroom time more effectively. The following Bundle will be rather helpful in this case. It consists of 17 Google slides presentation templates ready to apply for various purposes. The key features are the following:

  • A4 and US letter vertical printable format;
  • fully editable and resizable graphics;
  • free fonts and free font icons;
  • new vector line icons in the slides;
  • updates and professional support.

Encourage Students to Work on a Group Presentation

Google Slides bundle

Group work is an effective method that stimulates active learning. Thus, the group presentation created during the classroom may become a great final project for any topic. To achieve the desired outcome, use Minimal Pack Google Slides. This bundle consists of 429 slides that are easy to work with.

  • They are suitable for various purposes.
  • They have a simple but modern and clean design.
  • It’s possible to edit any shape you need.

Infographic Templates

Specify the Information You Are Going to Present

Infographic Bundle

It’s not so difficult to make your content concise and specific if you use infographic elements in your presentation. There are various editable infographic templates designed especially for this purpose. One of them is the Infographic Elements Bundle. It includes more than 250 premium 3D vector shapes and elements to ease your work. It comes with the following features:

  • 4 different handmade color variations;
  • multi-color variation with black and white version;
  • the infographic templates are print-ready;
  • text, fonts, colors are easy to edit.

Give Your Images Some Variety

Tree infographics

It’s a good idea to use images while explaining new material. However, if they refer to similar objects, students may become confused. Tree Bundle is a good solution to avoid such a situation. It comes with different editable infographic templates. They will help you differentiate the images you demonstrate. There are 4 color variations to opt for. Moreover, vector files are fully editable. You may rescale them to any size.

Explain Connections between the Points of Your Presentation

Infographic templates

A narrative hierarchy is always better than a flow of information without clear transitions. Amazing Big Bundle Infographic Elements offers a set of infographic templates that you may use to add such transitions to your presentation. You will find a wide range of charts, icons, custom shapes. You have access to AI CS5 and EPS CS5 vector files that you may edit, as you need.

 Sum Up

Thus, these are some samples of resources that you may use to make the learning process more interesting. They allow you to create various presentations fast and effortlessly. So, it will be possible to explain complicated issues in simple terms. Moreover, you may use them for group projects to involve students in different activities.