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Questions to Ask Entrepreneurs

I’m currently at the InfusionCon marketing conference in Phoenix, Arizona. ?I’m here as part of Anita Campbell’s Small Business Trends team and our objective is to promote BizSugar — the only bookmarking site dedicated specifically to small business.

We’ve decided to get people excited about the site by actually showing them how it works. ?We’re going to get them involved by interviewing some of the attendees of the conference and asking them a few questions. ?We might even create some short videos to post along with the articles.

Some of the questions we’re considering asking are:

  • Why are you at the conference and what will you walk away with that will make this time worthwhile?
  • What’s your strategy for getting and keeping profitable customers?
  • What sets your business apart from the crowd?
  • What possibilities or opportunities do you see for your business in 2010? And in what is at least one way that you’re going to take advantage of them?
  • What’s been your most successful strategy in building your business so far? ?What tips do you have for those of us that want to use that strategy as well?

What questions do you have of the folks here at InfusionCon who are learning more, better ways to build their business?

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