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A Simple Re-engagement Email Strategy For Small Business Owners

One of the recently conducted surveys stated that email marketers lose 25% of their email list every year. Sounds like cacophony, isn?t it? For ample reasons, subscribers? stop engaging with your brand and result in faded clicks.

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Subscribed but disengaged consumers can hurt your inbox placement rates and lead you to spam. Now, that?s a blasphemy. When your sacred emails are bewitched as spam, the need of re-engagement email occurs.

The re-engagement email can be your elixir to bring your dead email list to life. Due to specification, re-engagement email aims to target inactive subscribers and gives your email campaigns an accurate perspective.

What re-engagement emails have in store?

Re-engagement email serves a divine purpose of bringing your dead email list to life. This is one of the prime reasons for it to be referred as the win-back email. Re-engagement email also helps in increasing the readability of subsequent emails by up to 24%.

To know more about how the blessings of how this divine jackfruit works, view our detailed infographic:

email info


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