It’s easier and faster than ever to get the word out about you and your company and expertise. One of the fastest growing trends in marketing is “Guest Posting on other blogs.” Basically, all there is to it is writing an informational and educational article about your area of expertise and literally submitting it to blogs that might be interested in your content.

To take advantage of this trend, however, you’ll need an active blog where you can send people. A web site is good, but having a blog is better because this gives your audience the opportunity to learn more about you and the value you provide via your articles.

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Purchase your name as a domain name. Head out to Go Daddy and see if you can get your name as a domain name. If not, look for words that clearly describe who you are or what benefit you offer. For example, if your name is John Smith and you write for the web, then you might want to try something like “web writing guy.”
  2. Go to and start a blog for free. There are many free blogging platforms including TypePad and Blogger, but if you are serious about business and you think that you might want to expand your blog or use it as a web site as well with more functionality, WordPress is a better choice because it is open sourced and there are tens of thousands of people who can help you.
  3. Forward your purchased domain name to your blog. When you start your WordPress Blog its domain will look like this: When you forward your domain name to your blog, then when people type in, it will actually go to your WordPress blog – and that is what you want.
  4. Write a concept article as your first post. Your first post needs to answer the question – “Who are you and why should I choose you?” ?Think about the passion or peeve that lies behind your business. What frustrations do your customers have and how do you solve them? What is it that your customers should know, but don’t?

There you have it. In about 30 minutes, you’ve got yourself a web?presence and you are ready to tell the world about it.

What tips and tricks can you add to this list?