How to Outsource Your DIYMarketing

I know — I can’t believe I’m writing to tell you how to outsource your DIYMarketing!  I mean the point is to save money by doing it yourself!  Well, you will be doing the important parts yourself.  I’m going to show you how to create a DIYMarketing system for all those things that you’re just…

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Do You Have a Marketing Map?

When my husband and I first started dating we had a fight that could have ended the relationship.  Instead, he taught me something that has made a tremendous improvement on how I travel and how I think about marketing plans. A Personal Story We were on our way to Washington DC and he asked me…

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Two Great Methods to Calculate Market Share You May Not Have Considered

vincent 1

Figuring out what your market share is can be difficult.  But it doesn’t have to be.  In this 3-part series of posts, I’m going to give you some practical ways that you can figure out your share of the market.  These articles are also featured in a white paper which features these two methods of calculating market…

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No More Marketing Plan Documents – Take it Interactive

I’m currently in the process of pulling together a marketing plan.  It’s recently dawned on me that I hadn’t really done a “Marketing Plan Document” in YEARS!  But that doesn’t mean I hadn’t done a marketing plan.  In fact, I’ve done several of them – for myself and for clients. But something has changed –…

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How to Build a Digital or Virtual Contact Into a Profitable Business Relationship

What are you doing with all those digital or virtual relationships that you’ve built up over the months or years on social media?  If you’re still asking yourself the question of how social media is going to make you money or help you reach more customers, chances are you’re not doing enough to make that…

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April 13 Tweet Chat: The Living Marketing Plan


Download of Tweet Chat : The Living Marketing Plan   Have you adjusted your marketing plan for this economy? Did you see it coming? Did you get your budget slashed?  What have you done about it? Do you have a quick and dirty marketing planning system that you use? What’s the most creative adjustment that…

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How to Opt Out of This Crappy Economy and Thrive


I’ve never been one of these people who gets all passionate about causes.  Don’t get me wrong; I care about the environment, I care about animals and little children all over the world — I just don’t have that special tug at the heart and mind that inspires me to get on a soapbox about…

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The 5 Minute Get it Done Plan

Here’s a 5-Minute Marketing Plan Process that you can run every day.  It might feel rather strange at first, but I promise you if you start your day with these questions and end your day with a de-brief you will be amazed at how much control you will have over your marketing results. Take Control…

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