DIYMarketers is sponsoring it’s first teleseminar workshop on Friday, November 5, 2010 with Rick Itzkowich, (a.k.a. The LinkedIn Guy).


This is a paid teleseminar workshop ($39) so we decided to let everyone in on a practice call/discussion that Rick and I had yesterday afternoon.

This is a combination of a personal call and a professional call. Rick has just returned from Dubai where he had been a keynote and featured speaker for several organizations AND audiences numbering about 700 people at a time! It seems that the folks over in Dubai are nuts for LinkedIn and putting some more power behind their relationships. When I asked Rick why it was that people in Dubai were so into LinkedIn, he explained that in the Middle East it’s ALL about relationships. So it stands to reason that they want to use LinkedIn to its full potential


We’re Telling CEOs What No One Will

You’ll also her Rick and I talk about some of the more common CEO and executive objections to LinkedIn which include things like privacy, wasting of time, and general lack of technological info to get this working for CEOs. We acknowledge these are real issues but, to be honest — BS.

LinkedIn is a time waster compared to what, exactly? — Rick shares his experience of going to Dubai and how a quick trip on LinkedIn got him all the inside info on the trip in less than 10 minutes

Not wanting to share contacts because of privacy — Rick talks about the career limiting move that not managing your contacts on LinkedIn can be when you need a new job or want to make those high level introductions.

There were many other issues we brought up addressing how crazy you are for NOT having a profile today — how crazy would it be to not have a phone, a web site, a business card? ?That’s how crazy and backward it is to NOT have a LinkedIn profile today.

Why Register for Friday’s LinkedIn Workshop With Rick

This is a terrific opportunity to get clear on what you get out of LinkedIn and to get clear on what the opportunity costs are when you are NOT on LinkedIn — you’ll hear what no one will tell you.

Rick has some CEO – centered tips on how to use LinkedIn effectively without sacrificing privacy and getting the most out of it.


You don’t have to be there to get the materials, registration will give you access to a recorded session AND a transcript of the session.

Rick’s Power LinkedIn Program

We also talked about the video tutorial program that Rick developed for executives and CEOs to help them get up and running quickly and easily in 10 minutes chunks. I’ve sampled a couple of the videos and I can tell you that even as a power user I learned new things and implemented them right then and there — AND – had immediate results!

Click here to exploreRick’s Power LinkedIn Program.