We held out first #DIYMKT tweet chat on Monday March 30, 2009 from 11:30am -12:30pm EST. I don’t know about the people attending, but I found it an amazing experience.

I was most surprised at the amount of energy that came through cyberspace. I had this list of questions, but the group had questions of there own – and that was THE BEST part.

My intention for the weekly chat was to give the lone DIYMarketer the opportunity to connect with other savvy, scrappy marketers and share challenges, ideas and resources.

Here is a quick taste of some of the points we discussed (You can look at the full discussion here)

gotocasnet: How do I choose among the multitude of marketing tactics available? #DIYMKT

  • stayingintouch: @gotocasnet I would start by focusing on what you are passionate about. From there you can then start becoming more strategic #DIYMKT
  • bradfordshimp: I find that in order to better define and identify your market you should seek to better define your company. #diymkt
  • burkonsconsult: I chose the mkt based on a grid of potential mkts, then listed characteristics I want in clients, gave ea a rating point, chose mfg. #DIYMKT
  • DrKND: “looked at all my primary markets and determined which market” How do you do that? #DIYMKT
  • smallbiztrends: Here’s which markets NOT to go with — don’t go with markets that cause you to stray too far from core competencies. #DIYMKT
  • robert_brady: If you are finding success with local gov. why not move up to state and federal? #DIYMKT

thegagfactory: hello, what is the most effective way to generate Word of Mouth (aside from being excellent) for your club, event or show? #DIYMKT

  • robert_brady: Getting referrals from current, satisfied customers is our #1 marketing strategy. People are extra cautious in this economy #DIYMKT
  • stayingintouch: Focusing on retaining existing clients and reaching out to past clients with new offerings is proving to be very effective. #DIYMKT
  • DIYMarketers: @thegagfactory I say have a referral program and system that you manage. WOM is not a gift it’s a byproduct of a system #DIYMKT

DIYMarketers: New question – what marketing strategy was most successful for you this year – in this economy (I hate using “this economy”) #DIYMKT

Download the Word Document of all the Tweets
Download a PDF of all the Tweets
Currently these aren’t very pretty – but they should be useful.
Next week – we’ll be focusing on Personal Branding so bring your challenges and personal branding tips along. Hey – and tell your Tweeps to come too.
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