We want to know how you do “that marketing thing” in your business. We want to know specifically what you do every day, how you manage it and how you get, keep and grow the customers you have.

Here is my example:

What do you do?: I spend the bulk of my time either consulting or writing. I make my clients the obvious choice for their customers.

What sets you apart?: I make my clients the only game in town. We build inside-out marketing systems that make money and don’t require lots of people or money.

Who do you help?: We help small business owners who want loyal, happy customers, but don’t know what to do to get them. Our ideal client is a business with less than $150 million in sales that needs a formal marketng process – but not a formal marketing person.


What do you do every day/week/month/year to get and keep customers?

99% of all my marketing is basically a word-of-mouth referral system. Here’s how that works:

Daily: Every day, I try and communcate my mission and purpose at least 10 times to 10 different people using a variety of methods. I have a digital and a physical set of goals. Digitally, I write a blog post. As of this writing I now have 4, actually 5 blog spaces of my own, plus my articles appear in smallbustrends, as well as a few other places that may pick them up. I also make time fo twitter and facebook as well as LinkedIn. I use these tools to supplement my physical strategy which includes meeting, chatting or interacting with the people I’ve connected with online – and vice versa; keeping up connections with people I’ve met physically. I ask for new clients and opportunities every day.

Weekly: I have a referral meeting at least twice a week. I work toward connecting with business owners who want to have fun making money and building their very own marketing machine.

Monthly: I book a speaking engagement once per month – and that feeds the daily and weekly activities.

Annually: I make big plans. I use the Marketing Plan Pro product by Palo Alto Software and Duct Tape Marketing.

Now it’s YOUR turn. Tell us Your Story!