A couple of weeks ago, I was a presenter at the Office Space Co-Working BizCamp. When I asked what they wanted to hear about, Kelly Brown’s answer was “Marketing Plans.”? At first I was excited. This was a topic I had written about and spoken about a lot. But then, my mood quickly deflated. What can I say about Market Planning that hasn’t already been said and done?

This was when I started thinging about why I didn’t have a document called a “Marketing Plan.”? After all this was my JOB and I didn’t have one. Then I started looking around my clients and other small business owners and discovered they didn’t have them either. Notice I said “formal document” called a? marketing plan – not that they didn’t have a plan.

So what was it that held us back from having that killer plan? I’ve come to the conclusion that it all has to do with focusing on the Marketing Plan and not on what the marketing plan is for – getting and keeping customers.

We often ignore the little voice inside our heads that tells us what we really want the plan to be about. Say it’s being famous or well known. That might seem a little egotistical or “wrong” to you, so you ignore it. The secret is to acknowledge where you spend your money and your time and where your “dreams” really are. This will clarify your true goals and have you naturallly working a plan that will get you there – because it’s what you really want.

The first secret to a naturally occuring marketing plan is to get yourself out of your “circle.”? You’re in the circle when you say something like “That’s not the way we do things.”? As soon as you feel uncomfortably and physically ill and afraid – that’s a sign that you’re at the wall of the circle and opportunity is around the corner.

They key is to be authentic and focus your actions on the things you really want and see for yourself and your customers. You know you’re onto a great position when you have lots of wonderful ideas about what to do next and how to have fun with your business.

What the plan actually looks like – the format it takes – is so completely irrelelvant. Pick a format that keeps you focused. My plan is literally on a single page in a notebook!? It keeps me about as focused as anything I’ve ever done!

The video of this presentation will be coming shortly so stay tuned!