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If you want to drive sales results, you need an effective system of processes you can apply to your entire marketing and sales team. This is called Sales Enablement.

What is Sales Enablement – Tell it to me like I’m 5

Sales and marketing are all the same to a small business owner.  You need customers to keep your business afloat, you need marketing to get customers. But the process of “greasing your marketing skids”  and making it easy for customers to buy from you, that’s called sales enablement.  It’s a fancy big business word for something small business owners need to survive

Having the best product or services really doesn’t matter if your marketing and sales team don’t coexist beautifully. If they don’t have the right resources, training, and conversations, you will probably lose sales.

Today’s guest is a content marketing expert and author, Pam Didner. Pam Didner points out that marketing is the hidden sales force and sales is another marketing channel. She can help you find commonalities in misalignment, drive joint initiatives through account-based marketing (ABM), craft messaging framework and map content between the sales process and customer journeys as part of sales enablement. She believes that when marketing is done right, sales and marketing can co-exist beautifully.

Listen as Pam Didner and I discuss what sales enablement is and the benefits to business owners, marketers, and salespeople can get from it.

In this episode, you’ll learn about:

  • What is Sales Enablement?
  • When Do You Need Sales Enablement?
  • Where Marketing Stops and Sales Begins
  • Elements Of Sales Enablement That You Should Keep in Mind
  • Creative Ideas or Suggestions on How Marketing Can Enable Their Sales Team Betters
  • A Peek on Effective Sales Enablement by Pam Didner
  • Benefits of Sales Enablement



“Everything is content.”

“Get together and map out your process.”

“It starts with research and these conversations are part of that research.”

“Sales team needs to look at marketing as a part of the sales negotiation tools.”

“Marketing needs to see sales as another marketing channel.”

“Marketing comes in different forms.”

“There is no one way that you can define what marketing is.”

“One way to actually enable sales from a marketer’s perspective is when sales and marketing work together.”

“If you are confused by the word ‘sales enablement’, don’t be. It’s been here all along.”

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