You may have a great product or service, but your business isn’t going to boom unless people know about you. If you’re like most owners of a business, you are always on the lookout for the newest fun and creative ways to promote your business to let people know you exist. A recent AT&T poll tells us that small businesses are more tech savvy than ever, with 72% using mobile apps. If you help make up that 72 percent or want to let apps help your business, check out these three apps to help you write a marketing plan to help you achieve your goals, spread the word of your business and understand your competition:


The government of Australia is actually the source of this marketing plan app that is wonderfully designed for Android Tablets or the iPad. MarketMyBiz features a navigation structure that’s both intuitive and perceptive helping its users along the way.

The app is created with a special section that helps business owners pinpoint their weaknesses and make a plan specific to tackle these issues. Once you are finished, the app compiles your answers into a single report that you can email as a PDF or print from the tablet. The price tag will make you smile?it’s free.

Marketing Plan Premier

This app specific to the iPad is a comprehensive tool that doubles as a marketing textbook. It relies on the idea that any good business should provide a solution to any problem its consumer may encounter. The initial steps include identifying the problem and how your product is the solution.

Marketing Plan Premier helps its users analyze the competition in their industry and set the prices for products and services. The app also gives a brief rundown of the options available for advertising your business.

After you answer the questions, this app puts your answers into an executive summary that you can export through Dropbox or into a Word document via email.

Marketing Plan App

If you’re not looking for an app to walk you through things step by step, Marketing Plan App can get you results in a short amount of time. The app is formatted for smaller mobile phone screens and is available on Android and iOS.

Marketing Plan App can assist you on a range of things from your marketing budget and analysis to your Vision Statement. Fill out the document and save it as a PDF or Word document before you email it or print it directly from your device.

Undoubtedly the most successful businesses start with a marketing plan. In order to ensure success, it takes careful planning and a comprehensive understanding of the marketplace to develop a wining business strategy that will lead to making a profit. Let these apps help take some of the weight off your shoulders.